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Cisco Agent Desktop login issues with various CRS error messages



An agent receives an error message when trying to log in to the Cisco Agent  Desktop. Refer to this table for various messages, possible causes and recommended  actions.

MessagePossible CauseRecommended Action

Error Reading File  \\server\DESKTOP_CFG\config\ag_default\DataFields.ini [where server is  the IP address of the CRA server]

The DESKTOP_CFG configuration file is not read-write accessible to Cisco  Agent Desktop users.

The IP connection to the CRA server is lost.

  1. Make   sure that the shared location and read-write file access is properly established  for the DESKTOP_CFG configuration file.
  2. Make sure that the IP connection to the CRA server is established.

Failed to login into CTI Manager Server! Please talk to your  administrator.

Enable CTI Application Use is not configured for the   agent user ID.

You are using an invalid password.

The Cisco CTIManager service is not running   on the Cisco CallManager server.

  1. From   Cisco CallManager, choose User >   Global Directory  and check the Enable CTI   Application check box.
  2. Verify   that you are using the correct password.
  3. Make   sure that the Cisco CTIManager service is running on the Cisco CallManager  server.

For related information, refer to Received a Failed to login to CTI Manager! Please talk to your administrator error message during login to CAD

The ID you entered was not found.

The user ID you entered is invalid.

Make sure that you are   typing the user ID correctly. User IDs are case sensitive.   Verify that you are using the   correct Cisco CallManager password.

For related information, refer to An agent receives this error message when trying to log in to the Cisco Agent Desktop: The ID you entered was not found

Unable to log agent in.

The agent's phone is not associated with the RM JTAPI   provider in the Cisco CallManager.

If it is already associated, unassociate and reassociate it. If that corrects it, open a TAC Service  Request to investigate availability of a Cisco CallManager correction.

For related information, refer to When a user logs in with the correct details in Cisco Agent Desktop, the log in fails for some ICD agents, and the "Unable to log agent in" error message appears