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Cisco CallManager CDR does not upload from Subscriber to Publisher database. CDR insert services on the publisher fails with an unspecified error


Core Issue

Cisco CallManager Call Detail Records (CDR) data may not be imported to the Publisher if certain services are not running properly.


Ensure that these are enabled or running on the Publisher and Subscriber as appropriate:

  • Enable the CDR insert service on the Publisher.
  • Enable CDR in service parameters for the Subscriber as well.
  • Enable the database layer monitor service on the "Do not    enable cdr insert on the subscriber" subscriber. CDR insert service must run only on the Publisher.
  • When calls are made from the IP phones registered to the Subscriber, the    records are generated on the Subscriber.
  • The database layer monitor service on the subscriber then pushes the data    to the Publisher, and the CDR insert service writes this data to the database in the Publisher.

If any of these are not in place, the CDR data may not get imported    into the Publisher database.

If the CDR insert service reports an unspecified error and does    not get started on the Publisher, perform these steps:

  1. Verify that the sa password is the same on the Publisher and Subscriber. Log in to MS SQL    query analyzer using System Administrator (SA).
  2. Verify that the scheduler service is started on the Publisher. Go to Control Panel >    Service > Cisco CDR Analysis and Reporting Scheduler.
  3. Run the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) test, and verify the DSN values as specified:
    1. Open Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data      Sources (ODBC)
    2. Select the System DSN tab of the ODBC Data Source Administrator.
    3. Select Art System Data Source and click on Configure.
    4. Keep selecting Next. Do not make any changes in the settings until the final window comes with the Test Data Source button.
    5. Click on the Test Data Source button, and ensure the message TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!
    6. Click on OK. Then cancel all the windows, except the main window ODBC Data Source Administrator.
    7. Follow steps 3-6 with all the other Cisco CallManagers in the cluster.

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