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Cisco CallManager subscriber installation fails with The passwords that you entered do not match error at the Private password phrase screen


Core Issue

The Private password phrase provided must match the phrase provided during the Publisher installation. Beginning with Cisco CallManager 3.3(2), this phrase is used to generate the unique password for these services:

  • CallManager Service RW
  • Cisco CallManager Service
  • Cisco CallManager EML
  • Cisco CallManager Call Detail Records (CDR)
  • Cisco CallManager User
  • BackAdmin

This has to be same throughout the CiscoCallManager cluster.

If you do not remember the password phrase you used to originally generate  these Windows NT services passwords, reset to default. Perform the resolution steps to reset this password phrase using the Admin utility.

Note: Resetting the password takes down the Cisco CallManager services for a while, so plan for a scheduled downtime before attempting this procedure on the Publisher.


To reset the private password phrase, perform these procedures:

  • Go to the C:\Program Files\Cisco\Bin Folder on the Publisher.      
  • Find the utility called AdminUtility.exe. Double-click to launch it.     
  • Log in with the Administrator password.        
  • You will see a window with six accounts. Click on the top globe with your Cisco CallManager name, to select all the Users account.        
  • Select Options. Set the new password.     
  • When you are prompted for a Private Password Phrase, enter the the same password phrase used for installation.      
  • You will be asked to synchronize passwords, but once the publisher is done, the installation can be done on the Subscriber. You do not need not sync the Subscriber if there are no other Subscribers in the cluster. Chose the Publisher, cancel the synchronization, and exit the program.       

Continue with your Subscriber installation. Provide the same Private Password Phrase that you provided in the admin utility on the Publisher.

For more information, refer to the How does the Cisco CallManager installation work? section of Installing Cisco CallManager Release 3.3(3).

See also How to change the password for Cisco CallManager services such as SQLSvc in CallManager 3.3(2) spA and later using AdminUtility.exe