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Cisco Contact Center Tools


Parsec's Cisco Contact Center Tools

A) MARS Supervisory Tools

Contact centers are required to assure the quality of customer service their agents provide to callers.

To provide assurance of quality, the ability to monitor the agent-customer conversations is critical to call center business.

Parsec’s MARS Supervisory Tools application for Cisco Unified Communications Manager allows a supervisor to Monitor a conversation between an agent and a customer without either party knowing that they are being monitored.

The application also allows supervisors to talk to agents in a Whisper/Coach mode during a monitoring session. The customer will not be able to hear the voice of the supervisor.

Application Video


B) MARS Agent's Phone Keypad Lock

Contact Center users dial out/call customers using Cisco CAD / Finesse application UI.

The outbound call initiated from the CAD application is dialed out through the agents desk Cisco IP Phone.

Often as a process the Agents are instructed that they should not dial out calls (Personal/official) manually using the phone keypad.However this is seen to be often violated by agents.

Parsec's Agent Phone Keypad Lock application achieves the following requirement:

The agents should be able to dial out numbers initiated only from the CAD application.

The agent should not be able to dial out any phone number(internal/external) manually using the keypad of the Cisco IP Phone.

B) MARS CUCM Wallboard

Parsec’s MARS CUCM Wall Board integrates with Cisco CUCM.

The application does not require a contact center UCCX or UCCE.

If calls are queued at CUCM’s Hunt Pilot/Hunt List and routed to agent/s based on configured routing logic then MARS CUCM Wallboard displays the Hunt Pilot/Hunt List statistics and Agent Phone status (Idle/Busy)

MARS CUCM Wall Board monitors the enterprise PRI line/s also and provide online status provided the gateway is configured as MGCP.

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