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Cisco IP Phone supports matrix for 802.1x



IP Phone > Switches > Microsoft NPS setup to forward 802.1x proxy to > ISE 2.1 patch 3



EAP-TLS using Cisco MIC SANs


Phone Models 802.1X support? 802.1x flavor Addtl Comment
Cisco 3905 Y Y N  
Cisco 6911 Y Y N  
Cisco 6921 Y Y Y  
Cisco 6945 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7811 Y N Y  
Cisco 7821 Y N Y  
Cisco 7841 Y N Y  
Cisco 7902 N N N  
Cisco 7905 N N N  
Cisco 7906 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7910 N N N  
Cisco 7911 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7912 N N N  
Cisco 7920 N N N  
Cisco 7925 Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7931 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7935 N N N  
Cisco 7936 N N N  
Cisco 7937 Y Y N  
Cisco 7940 N N N  
Cisco 7941 Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7941G-GE Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7942 Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7945 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7960 N N N  
Cisco 7961 Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7961G-GE Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7962 Y Y Y MIC might expired
Cisco 7965 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7970 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7971 Y Y Y  
Cisco 7975 Y Y Y  
Cisco 8821 Y N Y  
Cisco 8831 Y N Y  
Cisco 8832 Y N Y  
Cisco 8851 Y N Y  
Cisco 9951 Y Y Y  
Cisco 9971 Y Y Y  
Cisco ATA 186 N N N  
Cisco ATA 187 N N N  
Cisco ATA 190 N N N  
Cisco DX650 Y Y Y  

Please can anyone confirm if 6901 IP Phone supports 802.1X

Hello bsathyanarayana, I can confirm you that 6901 is working with 802.1x in EAP-TLS. but for me only in the last available version 2012 : 9.3.1.SR2-3.

As per latest 78XX & 88XX IP Phones security white paper, both these series don't support EAP-MD5. Kindly update your document accordingly...

Screen Shot 10-06-18 at 11.41 AM.JPG

Cisco Employee

Thanks Adnan for pointing that out for 78xx and 88xx. Document is updated.