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Cisco Jabber client - Unable to display Photos



This document describes some of the issues were cisco jabber client fails to display the photos.

Photos were not getting shown in Jabber

Problem 1

You have upgraded your Presence and want to use the Jabber client.  you do not use AD for the photo store and would like to link the photos to your Jabber contacts.


The photos were not getting shown in Jabber. You are having a URL for the photos and using Directory Type EDI. To resolve this issue you need to

Update the url in the Jabber config file.

Problem 2

You have upgraded Presence from 8.5 to 8.6.3. User contact photos are not working and you are unable to

search active directory for users who were not already in your contacts list in CUPC.


When looking at the reason code for why the client was not connecting to LDAP you got:

0x8007203bL.  Looking up the error, all it says is that there is a local connection error.

So, rewrote the jabber-config file and change the connection username

from the long format of "cn=user, dc=domain, dc=com" to be the e-mail address  This took care of the client not being able to connect to the LDAP


As for the pictures, you just had to change their mapping to be sAMAccountName and that

resolved the issue.

Probelm 3

Jabber Client on iPad does not display LDAP contact pictures


To resolve this issue you need to Add the photo attribute on the CUPS Setting.

Jabber for Windows

Problem 1

Jabber for Windows creates some folders under C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Configuración local\Datos de programa\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF and when the Cisco Jabber client retrieves an avatar, the module tries to save it under: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Configuración local\Datos de programa\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Photos\ and I think it is not able to save nor to retrieve the photo from that folders.


The issue is Cisco Jabber for Windows Photo Retrieval copies pics to Wrong folder and the workaround is

with a BAT script which copies the contents of one folder to another

so that when the Cisco Jabber Windows looks for the pics, it is able to display them. 

Problem 2

You are running  Cisco Jabber for Windows version 9.0.1 build 8802.  The client does not show contact photos.

you would like to pull the contact Photos from the webserver. You have configured the Jabber-config.xml

and the Jabber setting in CUPS but still the contact photos dont show up in the client.

When you were previously running CUPC, the photos were displayed. 


For Jabber for Windows click to call is only available in Outlook for the current release.

Problem 3

Jabber for Windows 9.1.0 is unable to show the contact pictures. It works ok with Jabber for iPhone and iPad.


The issue was jabber-config.xml could not be retrieved from CUCM, after reuploading and restarting TFTP it worked fine.

Problem 4

In the Cisco Jabber Client (9.0.1), if we update a user's image in our Active Directory environment,

the change is not replicated to users with the Jabber Client.  The users with the CUPC clients get the updated image right away.

Our Jabber clients continue to see only the old image file. The show contact pictures box is enabled in the application.


When Jabber initially pulls photos from AD, regardless of whether it is in the thumbnail or jpegPhoto attribute, the photo is downloaded to

(in Windows 7):

C:\Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Photos

If the contact photo changes in Active Directory, Jabber will not update this change in the client.

The photos must be manually deleted from the local cache in the directory above before Jabber will get the new contact photos.

Unable to get photos displayed in CUPC 8.x.

While starting to load pictures into AD and want them to display in all IM clients.

The pictures are displaying fine in Jabber for Windows 9.x, Jabber IM on iOS

but are not displaying on CUPC 8.5.x on Windows or Jabber for MAC 8.6.x. 

You verified that the UPC photo LDAP field is set to jpegPhoto.  You have also set all LDAP connections to port 389.


It was found that there was no photo populated in the

"jpegPhoto" AD attribute for any user.  But the "thumbnailPhoto" had the value

populated. To resolve this issue so adjusted the LDAP mappings to use thumbnailPhoto instead and it began working fine.

CIUS Chat does not have contact photos

Configuring Cius the photo contact is not displayed,

Cius is connected to the CUP server

´Presence and Chat Server Type´ option is configured as ´Cisco Unified Presence´, on

´Company Photo Directory´ option and enabled the following:

http://<ip address>/photos/%%sAMAccountName%%.jpg


In this case you are using %%UID%%.jpg, for both the CUCM Company Photo Directory and

the CUPS Photo LDAP attribute mapping.  You can  get this working just by referencing UID rather than sAMAccountName.

Also, it's important the case matches AD, so double check the attribute in your AD.

In CUCM the Cius device configuration for Company Photo Directory is used by the Jabber phone client for directory look ups.

It is not used for Jabber IM client.  However, the Android API used by Jabber IM will do it's best to provide a photo for contacts using any number of

sources available on the device.  So, it's possible for Jabber IM to end up with contact photos based on configuration changes to Company Photo

Directory or even the contacts themselves.

The Jabber IM contact photo is configured in CUPS via Application, Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, Settings and the Photo field.  This field

may contain either a URI pointer to a photo or reference an AD attribute containing the photo (jpegPhoto, thumbnailPhoto).

Early releases of Jabber IM client ignore the CUPS configuration and use AD attribute thumbnailPhoto.  The Jabber IM client version 1.1 or later

will use the CUPS configuration.  Since contact photos are working for CUPC.

Jabber for CIUS chat uses the CUP server configuration to retrieve contact information including the photo.  Jabber for CIUS Phone

application uses CUCM configuration for contact information including photos.  Jabber for CIUS Chat will use any contact photos available on

the CIUS, so if any other application has retrieved a photo (Jabber for CIUS Phone) or the user has manually assigned photos to a contact it

will show in CIUS Chat.

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What exactly is the process to apply the following solution you proposed. You are mentioning about copying files form one folder to another but you did mention which folders.



The issue is Cisco Jabber for Windows Photo Retrieval copies pics to Wrong folder and the workaround is

with a BAT script which copies the contents of one folder to another

so that when the Cisco Jabber Windows looks for the pics, it is able to display them. 


Having similar issues but not finding solution.

This needs an update for Windows 10 and Jabber version 11.x



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