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Cisco MediaSense and Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) for Network based Media Recording Solution


This document outlines how to configure Cisco Unified Border Element to do network based call recording using Cisco MediaSense.

The media forking on CUBE supports Cisco’s Open Recording Architecture (ORA). CUBE at the network layer would act as a Recording Client and Cisco MediaSense will act as a Recording Server at the Services Layer.

The functionalities of the Recording Client (CUBE in this case) are:

  • To set up a separate SIP dialog with Cisco MediaSense
  • To fork the active calls traversing through it, and to act as the source of the recorded media, sending it to the Recording Server (Cisco MediaSense).
  • During the initial SIP dialog setup, CUBE sends information to the server, which would help the server associate the call with the media streams and identify the participants of the call. This information is called “metadata”
  • This recording can then be consumed via any 3rd party partner application.

Hi Pashmeen,

Is there any specific document which explains call forking to Verint 11 call recording solution and way to identify specific calls within CUBE to be recorded?



Hi Pratik and Forum,

Did you receive any news on how to explain media forking to Verint Call Recording solution? Would love to know as we have mobile agents we require to record their calls.

Thank you,



Hi Yavuz,

I didn't get any response and later the sales team confirmed it was not supported. As this was a while ago, things might be bit different now.

It is not applicable for us as we ended up going with ACME SBC which supported SIPREC.

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