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Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) - overview and useful info/resources



CMS (Cisco Meeting Server) is our leading Video Conferencing (MCU) solution offering:

- secure video meetings (PIN protection, encryption).

- integration with Cisco Communications Manager for adhoc video meetings.

- scheduled meetings (via TMS) and personal always-on meetings for easy of use and save time from admins.

- unique video interop with S4B/Lync deployments.

- recording as an addon option.

- browser-based participants via WebRTC technology to meet in a secure and easy way with customers/partners

- small HW footprint to start(just 4vCPUs)

- rich options for meeting controls and layouts

For customers  - Best way to  experience Cisco CMS

Ask your preferred partner or cisco account team for a CMS demo


Licensing requirements - How licensing works with CMS :

CMS licensing counts concurrent meetings  - does not count participants (participants capacity depends solely on CMS HW)

Each meeting has a host. Depending on who is the host, there are two types of licenses:

Personal Multiparty Plus (PMP+) licenses

PMP+ licenses are assigned to specific users (frequent video users) and is low cost for this reason.

These users have ability to make adhoc/scheduled video calls and also have personal video rooms with Host PIN and Guest PIN

(Host/Guest PIN are optional if desired and if they are created, they can be changed easily from user portal).

Shared Multiparty Plus (SMP+) licenses

SMP+ licenses are consumed when we have a video meeting that the meeting host is not one of our PMP+ users.

As named implies, this license is to be shared between various hosts/users.

This for this reason is more expensive than PMP+ lic.

Best practice:

There are ordering bundles (CUWL Meetings) that will provide 35 PMP+ users in a very cost effective price

among with other good stuff (TMS solution for scheduling, RMS licenses for B2B calls).

So, the best way to start experiencing CMS and offering video meetings to your users is PMP+ licensing via these CUWL Meetings bundles. This approach would cover most of your use cases.

If for any reason, 35 PMP+ hosts is not sufficient for your use cases, you could combine with some SMP+ licenses.

More details on Cisco CMS ordering --> Cisco Meeting Server(CMS) - How to order

Hardware requirements - Where does CMS run?

CMS can run on Cisco or 3rd-party servers that satisfy server and VMWARE requirements.

Cisco servers can be BE6K or BE7K or Cisco UCS servers or CMS dedicated appliances (CMS1000 or CMS2000).

CMS1000 supports 96 HD calls or 192 SD calls.

Minimum CMS deployment requires 4vCPUs and offers 5 HD ports or 10 SD ports.

Rule is : 1 vCPU supports 1,25 HD port.

For example : 8vCPUs would support 8x1,25=10 HD ports or 20 SD ports.

Summary: it is very easy and cost effective to start with a small CMS deployment and add capacity later (no need to buy licenses for this).


Useful Resources

Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) main page on

Cisco Meeting Server(CMS) page on Salesconnect

datasheet: Cisco Meeting Server and Cisco Meeting App Data Sheet


Cisco Meeting Server Business Decision Maker Presentation

Cisco Meeting Server TDM Presentation

Migration to CiscoMeeting Server BDM Presentation

Partner resources:

Cisco Meeting Server Video Conferencing Ordering Guide

Check my community post related to CMS odering : Cisco Meeting Server(CMS) - How to order

Cisco Meeting Server Partner Information (Acano) - cisco communities

Partner Training Requirements - Presentation- note that CMS requires Partner CMS certification

Demo CMS via


hope this helps

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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.


BDM and TDM presentation links are 404. Please advise?

Cisco Employee

Hi David,

BDM and TDM presos were from Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) main page on

It seems that page has updated the url of these presos.

Updated urls as provided by page :

     Cisco Meeting Server TDM Presentation Be the first to rate! (PPTX - 6 MB)  UPDATED

     Cisco Meeting Server BDM Presentation Be the first to rate! (PPTX - 9 MB)  UPDATED

hope this helps




Hi Alkiviadis,

Many thanks for this update. Much appreciated.

However, I now get 403 Forbidden page errosr suggesting I’m not entitled to access this content. My CCO (david.stooke) is associated with Cluster Digital, a Cisco Learning Partner, and I need access to this content as I am currently presenting a Cisco Collaboration briefing to BT and would like CMS to be center stage when discussing on-premise options.

FYI: I am also a CCSI (99660).

Please advise?

Kind regards,

David Stooke

+44 7966 413570<>

This email may contain confidential and privileged material for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any review, use, distribution or disclosure by others is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient (or authorized to receive for the recipient), please contact the sender by reply email and delete all copies of this message.

Hi Alkiviadis,

congratulations to the topic posted!

I would like to know if you have already installed the CMS1000?

I'm doing a pre-sale and I'm having some questions with the management!

We will use VYOPTA as it is the only one with support for the CMS 1000.

Did you have any experience?

Cisco Employee

txs Franklin, unfortunately don't have installation experience on CMS1000

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