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Cisco Meeting Server Dedicated Book

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I just published a dedicated book about Cisco Meeting Server. It was a challenge in order to provide atypical resource to demystify it with chart flow and to help voip administrator to deploy, implement and maintain the Cisco Meeting Server. important collaboration concepts are demystified with Wireshark such the Accept Replaces Header and Rerouting CSS for Call Bridge Group and Dial Plan with atypical call flow, demysitifying one of the most complex and important concepts in collaboration which are STUN, TURN and ICE for NAT traversal through detailed call flow.

The book is splitted into two Parts:

Part 1: Theory

Part 2: Implementation Two scenarios with Single Combined Deployment and Scalability Resilience Deployment


Below the table of content:


Part 1:

Cisco Meeting Server Overview

Cisco Meeting Server Architecture and Call Flow
Cisco Meeting Server Services
CallBridge Connectivity
WebBridge 3 Interface
Cisco CMS Virtual and Physical Machine
Cisco Meeting Server Deployment
CMS Clustering
WebBridge 3 Redundancy
CMS Multi-SAN Certificates
WebBridge 3 Load Balancing
API Introduction
Cisco Meeting Server Profile
Active Directory Integration and Spaces
Cisco Meeting Server Dial Plan
Cisco Expressway Series for WebProxy
Business to Business (B2B) integration with Cisco CMS
Cisco Meeting Server Recording Capabilities
Cisco Meeting Server Streaming Capabilities
Cisco Telepresence Management Suite


Part 2: Implementation

Cisco Meeting Server Single-Combined Deployment
Network Setting Configuration of Cisco Meeting Server
Certificate Preparation for Cisco Meeting Server
Enabling the Web Admin Service
License Activation using Cisco Meeting Management
Callbridge Configuration
Webbridge 3 Configuration
Active Directory Integration
Incoming Calls Configuration
Cisco Unified Communication Manager Integration
Test Personal Space
Test Configured Space
Call Routing Logic on Cisco Meeting Server


Cisco Meeting Server Scalability and Resilience Deployment

Basic configuration of Cisco Meeting Server
Configuration of Cisco Meeting Server Cluster
Webbridge 3 Configuration
CMS Outbound Calls and Incoming Calls
Configuration of Cisco Expressway-C expc1
Secure Traversal Expressway-C
Configuration of Cisco Expressway-E expe1 DUAL NIC
Secure Traversal Expressway-E
Cisco Expressway Unifed Edge
Configure TurnServers using CMS API
Active Directory integration with CMS
Cisco Unified Communication Manager Dial Plan to CMS
Cisco Expressway-C Dial Plan to CMS
Configuration of Cisco Meeting Management
Test Conference
TMS Scheduled Conferencing
Test Scheduled Conference
Call Bridge Group Load Balancing
CMS Recorder
Appendix 1: DNS Records
Appendix 2: Cisco TMS Installation



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