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Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance - Feature overview





This document covers the Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance features and overview.


Cisco Prime Collaboration

Cisco Prime Collaboration becomes “the management platform” with UC 10.0 and beyond.
Now offered in two flavors namely,
  • Standard
  • Advanced mode.
Cisco Prime Collaboration provides simplified, unified management across voice and video collaboration networks. It offers automated provisioning, real-time monitoring, and proactive troubleshooting, plus long-term trending and analytics - in one integrated product.
A new packaging model for Cisco Prime™ Collaboration is offered beginning with Cisco® Unified Communications (UC) Manager Version 10.0. This model consists of two offerings: Cisco Prime Collaboration Standard and Cisco Prime Collaboration Advanced.
Cisco Prime Collaboration includes the following products and these applications run on virtual machines.
  1. Prime Collaboration Provisioning
  2. Prime Collaboration Assurance
  3. Prime Collaboration Analytics

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance

Prime Collaboration Assurance is a web based assurance solution for Cisco Unified Communication Solution.
Currently supported for CUCM, IM&P and UnityConnection.
PC 10.0 would provide 3 key RTMT feature replacement for Cisco UC customers
  • Alert Central
  • Precanned Dashboards
  • Custom Dashboard for monitoring any performance counter
Customers get away from installing RTMT on and each laptop/desktop. With Prime, they have to install it just ONCE.
For real time monitor of performance counters of UCM and UnityConnection.
Pre-canned dashboard: Dashboard to monitor real time data of one or more of logically related counters.
Custom dashboard: To create dashboards of custom selected counters.


Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance offers integrated monitoring and diagnostics for Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco TelePresence® and the underlying network infrastructure. It expedites operator resolution of service quality issues before they affect end users and helps avoid system and service outages for a greater end-user qualify of experience.

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Standard supports

  1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.X
  2. Cisco Unity® Connection 10.X
  3. Cisco TelePresence components such as Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS)

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Standard offered in two flavors:

1. Standard

2. Advanced

1. Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Standard
The Standard offer provides essential fault and performance monitoring for core Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco TelePresence components.
The solution is web-enabled, providing remote accessibility and avoiding the need to download client software and maintain various versions.

Key Features of Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Standard

  • A Sample Predefined Performance Dashboard
  • Alarm Browser
  • Email Notification


Dashboard - For real time monitor of performance counters of UCM and UnityConnection.

Precanned Dashboard - Dashboard to monitor real time data of one or more of logically related counters



Custom Dashboard - dashboards of custom selected counters


2. Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Advanced
The Advanced offer is a full-featured real-time monitoring and diagnostics system for voice and video network assurance.


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Excellent post, very usefull and valuable information. So let me know if in BE6K I need licensing the Prime Collab?


Best regards

Daniel Sobrinho



Nice DOC.[+5]





Hello Daniel

Thank you very much. Yes you need to get the license for prime collaboration. For more information please refer the following url,

Cisco BE6K FAQ -

Also, Only Cisco Prime collaboration provisioning is supported in BE6K and Prime collaboration assurance is not supported.

Refer the url for more information on Cisco prime collaboration provisioning,






Thank you very much.




we have Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Version: 11.6.

SIP Trunks from CUCM to Cube/Voice Gateway Routers, Unity Connection are showing "No Service" in PCA.

But from the Cisco Unified Communication Manager, these trunks are showing "Full Service"

It seems Prime Collaboration Assurance is not updating or getting the status from these SIP Trunks.
However, the status of other trunks are properly updated in PCA and showing "Full Service".
All the Communication Manager Nodes are manageable and Accessible from PCA Inventory.

But SIP Trunks from CUCM to Cube/Voice Gateway Routers, Unity Connection are showing "No Service" in PCA.

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