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Cisco Prime Collaboration – Helping Enterprises Realize the Collaboration Promise


The collaboration market has been evolving over the last 10 years, with more and more enterprises putting strategies in place for investing in collaboration or Unified Communications, and employees driving greater and greater adoption. As we all know, the promise of this technology is to enable organizations of all sizes to exchange information, speed decision-making, and enhance training. And, at the same time, it helps employees save time, enabling them to increase their personal productivity.

However, to make the potential of collaboration a reality, organizations require more than network devices, applications, and endpoints. They need a powerful management solution to help them control costs, simplify operations, deliver a superior user experience, and extract the full value from their unified communications and collaboration technology investment.

In this tough economic climate, organizations are seeking better ways to reduce operating expenses associated with collaboration solutions and lower their total cost of ownership. Their IT groups need to minimize the complexity of running a network infrastructure that is hampered by siloed, disparate, complex management products. Traditionally, these scattered, nonintegrated tools make it difficult to troubleshoot problems; provision new users; or perform moves, adds, changes, and deletions (MACDs).

At the same time, organizations have limited resources, and they need to make the most of an expensive, highly skilled IT staff. That means freeing them from manual, administrative functions to concentrate on more strategic tasks. IT organizations also focus on providing the best possible quality of experience to end users. And again, although collaboration can transform business processes, it will not be successful unless an organization can encourage its adoption and consistent use. The best way to promote adoption is to deliver a highly available, trouble-free solution that can complement and work smoothly with existing network services. Minimizing service degradation and quality-of-service concerns dramatically enhances the end-user experience, and lets operators avoid expensive and time-consuming system and service outages.

Cisco Prime Collaboration: An Integrated Solution for Collaboration Management

Recently Cisco announced our new simplified, unified solution for management of voice and video networks—Cisco Prime Collaboration. Designed specifically for Cisco Collaboration environments that include Cisco Unified Communications and Cisco TelePresence and desktop video systems, Cisco Prime Collaboration helps our customers deliver on that collaboration technology promise and realize the best return on their technology investment. For those of you familiar with our previous collaboration management products, this new release merges all of those products into one integrated voice and video voice solution that includes both automated, accelerated voice provisioning and comprehensive service assurance management across voice and video networks. Specifically, Cisco Prime Collaboration enables IT organizations to:

  • Monitor and test the entire voice and video network from a single product, reducing cost and complexity
  • Provision new phone users and apply changes efficiently, to accelerate site rollouts and maintenance
  • Proactively identify and resolve problems, to maintain the highest quality of service while minimizing the effect of problems on services and users
  • Inventory all collaboration network assets, including real-time records of location, licensing, and version information

With Cisco Prime Collaboration, organizations can take advantage of Cisco best practices to not only enhance provisioning and assurance processes, but also build strategic insight into the network. I encourage you to read this white paper and learn more now!


Is there an NFR or demo license for this ?

The UC 9.0 NFR only included the older Ops, Serv mon, Prov, and Stats 9.0 versions which are now announced end of sale.


The NFR license will be posted soon on the Cisco Promotional Store web site. The trial software images are posted there now, supporting a 60 day trial period.  The NFR channel partner license may be applied to that installation to extend the 60 days.  Cisco Prime Collaboration will also be part of CUWP soon.

Jim Whitten

Product Manager, NMTG


Hi Jim

any news regarding CUWP?

thank you




CUWP for Cisco Prime Collaboration is coming in the next month or so.

Betsy Farley

Product Marketing Manager, NMTG

Is Cisco Prime Collaboration available to in CUWP now?  If so how do we access the software/licensing?



Yes, Prime Collaboration is available in CUWP now. For Prime Collaboration 10.0, order Prime Colloaboration 9.0 from Cisco Commerce Workspace under CPW-UC-K9, and then when the UCSS subscription is mapped, the entitlement will be on PUT.

Betsy Farley

Product Marketing, CVG


We had our people go into CCW and look under CPW-UC-K9 but it looks like they want us to purchase an entire new subscription.  How do we add Prime Collaboration to our existing CUWP subscription?  Is this a zero dollar upgrade?

Thanks again!


Hi Dan,

Did you go into PUT, product upgrade tool, with your CUWP ESW contract number to see if it shows up there.  If not, let me know and open a GLO licensing case,


Jim Whitten

Product Manager

Cloud & Services Management Technology Group


Thanks for the reply.  I just logged into PUT again with our CUWP ESW contract number and did not see any of the new items.  Should VCS-C/E have been added also?  I am not sure how CUWP works when more features are added.

Again, thanks for all the help!



Hey Dan,

Reply back to my email directly.

Are you installing 10.0 or 10.5?

Full PC?  Contact Center Assurance (10.5 only)


Jim Whitten

Product Manager

Cloud & Services Management Technology Group


If you sent me an email I did not receive it.  What address can I reach you on and I will shoot you a message.

We are installing version 10.5 and would like to do full PC (whatever is available to us through CUWP).

Just want to make sure we have all of the new technology deployed internally so our engineers and sales staff have more experience with what Cisco has to offer.  Things are changing fast these days and it is very exciting.



Sorry, can you unicast me at<>

I will provide licensing for you.

Send me your MAC(s)



Will do!  Thanks!

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