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Cisco Telepresence System - Error removing CTL file from codec GUI


Problem Description

When changing from secure to non secure, rarely the codec will not delete the CTL file via GUI (Unified CM)


Error deleting the CTL file via GUI (Unified CM)

Example from Sysop logs:

2012-02-23 20:41:57: ERROR Download unsuccessful: File CTLFile.tlv not found on host

2012-02-23 20:41:57: INFO Using existing CTL

Root Cause

SW issue


Unfortunately, the only way to recover is to factory reset the codec to remove the CTL file.

Suggested steps to recover via CLI SSH access to the codec:

NOTE: Physical access to the codec is necessary via a laptop connected to the doccam port with the laptop set to DHCP and the wireless adapater disabled.

  1. admin: utils system factory reset init

init - This will set the system to the factory initialized configuration but leave the system on its current boot slot (Suggested option), or

reset - This will set the system to the factory default setting including setting the boot slot back to the factory slot

NOTE: This can take anywwhere from 15-30 min to complete. PLEASE do NOT power cycle until it completes the reset !! Reset progress can be monitored with a browser opened to the IP of the codec (IP for the laptop of and for the codec through the doccam port to access).

2. Once reset is complete, type "admin: show config system" and verify model type

3. If incorrect model type appeasrs (e.g. showing CTS 1000 when it should be CTS 1300) correct as follows:

  • admin: set ctstype "insert CTS type value"

Syntax: set ctstype WORD [force]

WORD: mandatory CTS type, values are: 500,1000,1100,1300,3000,3010,3200,3210

force: optional (If skipped, this will bypass the "Are you sure" prompt)

Example:admin: set ctstype 1300

  • When Are You Sure? prompt appears, type “yes” to restart Calling services. This will reset the codec and may take several minutes to complete.

4. If after 5 minutes, the codec has not reset, initiate the command again. Wait 5-10 minutes and if it still does not restart, initiate the resart from codec GUI under "System Restart"

NOTE: May reload as many as 2 times. Please wait till this is completed and may take up to 30 minutes.

5. Check “show config system” to see if the ctstype has changed.

  • System Config

CCM Mode : CCM

Model : Cisco TelePresence 1300-65

IP Address : x.x.x.x

Displays : 1

Load Image : CTS.1-7-4-270R-K9.P1.sbn

Time Zone : Eastern Standard/Daylight Time

6. Codec should now show as on CUCM

If still an issue please contact Cisco TAC for assistance

Please allow Cisco TAC to access via Webex to make the necessary config changes.

Cisco Employee

If you only need to remove the CTL you can also run "Adv Mode" (case sensitive) followed by "utils security clear".

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