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Cisco UCCE PCCE Connector for CRM

  • Parsec's Cisco UCCE/PCCE CC Connector application for CRM works as a bridge between the CRM and Cisco UCCE/PCCE CC solution.
  • The CRM can be any cloud based CRM like Salesforce (SFDC), ServiceNow ,MS Dynamics or a 3rd party CRM.
  • The CRM user/Agent will have the capability to handle both incoming & outgoing calls from Cisco contact center.
  • Inbound Call indication on CRM screen with customer/caller number and name if number stored in CRM Contacts.
  • Contact Screen pop-up based on caller number with inbound call indication or on answered
  • CRM user can initiate Click to Dial from any phone field (of type of field “phone”) available on CRM pages in Contact details
  • CRM user can key in a number in the CRM soft phone text box and dial out the number
  • Parsec's Cisco UCCE/PCCE CC Connector solution doesn’t need any additional component installation on user/Agent’s PC.
  • PARSEC’s Cisco UCCE/PCCE CC Connector application is a JAVA based web service which can be deployed on Apache Tomcat Web Server. This Connector application will communicate with web client (HTML Pages) over web socket. Connector will communicate with Cisco UCCE/PCCE through Cisco Finesse Server using Cisco Finesse API library.
  • The CRM interface will communicate with Cisco UCCE/PCCE (via Cisco Finesse Server) by embedding Java Script modules provided by Parsec’s application APIs.
  • The user/Agent will be able to use call controls via his/her Cisco IP Phone or the call controls implemented in CRM
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