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Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) 10.x

Cisco Employee

This blog is intended to help users to understand CUCM 10.x migration procedure, licensing, features & enhancements. Through this blog I will be focussing on below topics

> Migrating to CUCM ver 10.x via Prime Collaboration Deployment (PCD)

> License Migration to CUCM ver 10.x

> CUCM 10.x New Features & Enhancements

> Security Enhancements

We will be discussing concept, configuration & troubleshooting tips. If anytime you have any queries, please feel free to post it.

Prime Collaboration Deployment (PCD) Concept


Prime Collaboration Deployment Migration Task Demo - Part 1

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.20.41 PM.png

Prime Collaboration Deployment Migration Task Demo - Part 2

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.24.51 PM.png

CUCM 10.x Features & Enhancements

We have an ongoing Ask the Expert session covering the following topics


  • Single-step change IPhostname on CUCM cluster
  • Supported Server List - Virtual Only
  • VM Dynamic Disk Size Reallocation
  • 64 Bit RHEL6 OS VOS

Call Routing Enhancements

  • Routing Enhancements – No Inter Digit Timer Using Urgent Translation
  • Translation Pattern Calling Search Space Inheritance
  • Routing Enhancements – Ability to make DNs Urgent Priority
  • Multiple Local Route Group


My situation slightly different from what is posted here. I have a client that has CUCM 8.6.2 on VM..& would like to Upgrade to CUCM Ver 10.5. What is the steps & easiest route to do this upgrade? A little confused, with posts because this is not a migration but a simple Upgrade in VM environment.




Is PCD available for BE6K?  It doesn't appear to be downloadable from anywhere and it doesn't ship with BE6K.


Hi Raees,


Thank you very much for all details covered in this video. We have just completed a migration from 8.0.3 to 10.5.2 using PCD and it couldn't have been better. Avoiding all hassles of backup and restore.


Keep us posted with new developments in the forthcoming releases of PCD.





Hi Raees

My customer has CUCM and UCCX both are in MCS and need to upgrade both to 10.5.X


So my questions are 

1.can we migrate CUCM directly to 10.5 using PCD ?

2. Can we use PCD to migrate UCCX to 10.5 





Hi Raees,


I'm having Call Manager running on MCS servers , with  Pub and Sub.

My concern is, when  I start the Migration process of Publisher, does it shutdown Sub on MCS?, because I need to make sure that system won't goes down during Migration.


Hi Niyadh,


It depends on whether you are going for a simple migration (same network settings) or network migration.

In simple migration, PCD will shut down sub on MCS, only after it has completed installation of Sub on VM. Sub will continue to run on MCS until, Pub is being is being installed and data is being imported to it.




Hi Sami,


Thanks for the email. I'm going for Simple Migration, so I believe there won't be any downtime required for the migration.


Also I heard from one of the Engineer that Migration from 7.1.5 to 11x is not compatible. But the PCD guide is showing that it is supported. Which one is correct?





Hi Niyadh,


Please note that, you must disable EM services on 7.1 cluster before initiating migration. This will result in phones logging out profiles already logged in, when you are in the middle of migration you will notice that, some of the phones migrated to new cluster, whereas some of the phones still registered to cluster. In this situation, if users may not be able to make calls (depending on the configuration on hard phones).


According to PCD migration guide, yes migration is supported from 6.1(5) until 9.1.





Hi Raees Shaik,

Your above steps still help me to grab the OVA templates for cucm virtual machine Templates 11.X version


Cisco Employee

Im glad it helped. 


Raees Shaikh 


Hi Raees,

Hope you are doing well,

We are doing the Migration for CUCM 8.5.XX version  which is in MCS server to 11.0 ver in BE6000H through PCD process.

I have few confusion if you plzz clearify .

1) Two existing MCS server one for Pub & another for sub.First we move to build the Pub VM in BE6000H

While PCD method shall we switch of the Pub server.?

2)Existing server have 2 nodes only .So we planning to go for simple process .

we are not changing any IP it's ok to go further ?

Thanks & Regards


Hi Mir,

hope you are doing well, please find the answers as below:

1. Since your PBX is having Pub and Sub, you can easily proceed with the installation, please find the steps as below and one of the main advantage of using PCD for this kind of setup is less down time( less than 5 min, for the firmware upgrade of phones).

a. Install PCD on BE 6000 H.

b. Configure Prime Collaboration Deployment to Migrate Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cluster to Current Release

c. Add ESXi Host Server

d. Discover Existing Cluster

e. Define Migration Cluster

f. Add a Migration Task,

g. Migrate CUCM to latest release.

for detailed info, please refer below url:


if you are happy with the answers , please rate it.


Hi Rasses,

While Migrating the CUCM 8.0.3 to 11 version through PCD process i stuck in creating ESXI host .

I successfully create the cluster my existing nodes also came to pcd .

Continuing the error coming while creating the esxi host

my all credential is OK ,

i have try all Firefox chrome IE as well.

any steps for trouble shooting is appreciate.

Cisco Employee

Hi Mir

It would be great if you could clarify the step when you mention, "creating ESXi Host". Do you mean you face issue while adding the ESXi to PCD? what is the exact error message you see? 

Raees Shaikh 


Hi Raees,

Hope a nice day and time for you,

The steps which i have used & stuck are below.

A) I have create CIMCI in brand new BE server

B)Configure the ESXI with all info & login through VMware Vshpere client tool

C)Build PCD on BE server & access through GUI 

D)In PCD inventory -------- Cluster i have make cluster which is successfully my existing CUCM pub version node.

E) inventory -------Exsi host new page opens add esxi host   Host name ip add  description & stuck here (Fail to mount the CiscoPCD export asNFS store to the esxi host).Please find the Attachment file for the Error.

F) I have try from IE,Chrome,Firefox still error is same.There is no issue with connectivity  all are pingable .(CIMCI,ESXI PCD)

I've disabled lock down mode by CLI as well,

G) Please  find the attachment file for license.

What will be the troubleshooting step allow me to go further?

Thanks & Regards



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