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Cisco Unified Communications 9.0 – Bridging Systems to Connect Collaboration Experiences


Interoperability. This is a broadly used term in the industry, and at Cisco, we often talk about it in the technical context of the IT stack. However, let’s take a step back and focus on what we want to achieve through interoperability—connecting the right collaboration experiences to the right devices and users.

With Cisco Unified Communications (UC) 9.0 we deliver a series of enhancements that bridge systems, resulting in increased interoperability to enable these critical collaboration experiences.

Many of you are familiar with email-style calling, aka URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) dialing, available if you use our current Cisco TelePresence endpoints. With Cisco UC 9.0, you can now use URI dialing beyond video endpoints. Choose whatever you prefer—an email address or phone number—to call any endpoint including hard or soft phone, mobile phone, or tablet.

To make it easier for you to reach more users across unified communications systems, we’ve integrated Cisco Jabber IM and presence within Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0. Now it’s a Cisco Unified Communications Manager service included in the Cisco UC 9.0 software. Why is this important?  IM, presence, voice, and video in one complete package provides common provisioning, ordering, and licensing, and configuration. This saves money and makes administration simpler, ultimately providing a better customer experience.

You’ve heard Cisco talk about driving “pervasive video” over the past years. We continue to move forward our strategy by expanding video endpoint support including the Cisco TelePresence TX9000 which was announced in March, video-enabling Jabber on all supported endpoints, and introducing new contact center video capabilities in key video endpoints.  Around video call quality, you’ll see us reach even further levels of excellence across all endpoints with new sophisticated Call Admission Control (CAC) bandwidth modeling and coordination features.

Finally, I’d like to highlight the availability of a capability highly requested by customers, which we call Cisco Extend and Connect.  Now non-Cisco devices such as your home and mobile phone can become part of the Cisco Unified Communications environment.  Protect and even stretch your current endpoint investments, and ease migration of legacy PBXs.

You can see me demonstrate many of these key features by watching our announcement replay now. I encourage you to take a look, and welcome hearing what you think of Cisco UC 9.0.


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