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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Real-Time Monitoring Tool (RTMT) Alert






This document describes how to resolve this issue  of getting the following alert:


LogPartitionLowWaterMarkExceeded UsedDiskSpace : 90 MessageString : Common Disk utilization hits

LWM! AppID : Cisco Log Partition Monitoring Tool ClusterID : NodeID : ENPUSFPKINF10



Cisco Unified Communications Manager Alerts


Following is the output of "show status" command from the CLI.

# show status

Host Name    : <Hostname>
Date         : Sat Jan 21, 2012 05:28:35
Time Zone    : Eastern Standard Time (America/New_York)
Locale       : en_US.UTF-8
Product Ver  :
Platform Ver :
License MAC  : <mac>

05:28:36 up 4 days,  2:18,  1 user,  load average: 0.58, 0.54, 0.53

CPU Idle:  98.03%  System:  00.99%    User:  00.99%
  IOWAIT:  00.00%     IRQ:  00.00%    Soft:  00.00%   Intr/sec: 1427.72

Memory Total:        2074832K
        Free:          26000K
        Used:        2048832K
      Cached:         561472K
      Shared:              0K
     Buffers:           5344K

                        Total            Free            Used
Disk/active         12357724K         932912K       11299268K (93%)
Disk/inactive       12357692K         905184K       11326964K (93%)
Disk/logging        43009872K        4489328K       36335708K (90%)




Here you have three partitions in the Hard Disk, one is active partition, one is
inactive partition, the third one is common partition which is for log/trace
This error message indicates that you are having the log stored in common
To resolve this issue you need to delete the unnecessary log files:
For that
  • Open the RTMT plugin installed on the local Machine
  • Give the IP address and Credentials of the CUCM
  • Navigate to Trace and Log Central and click on Remote Browse
  • Select Crash Dumps radio button and click Next


  • Check Cisco CTIManager and Cisco CallManager.
  • Click Next and Finish.
  • Here you can select the log files and Click on Delete Button and remove them.


Also, disabling the traces which are not required and lowering the debug level for the enabled traces would also help.


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I am getting the above error and tried the solution mentioned, but still get the alert and the disk usage is still high(94%). Can you advise?


Thank you for your help


Hi Ali,


I am running across the same issue and ran into this during my research.

Hopefully it will help you!




Hi Diana

Thanks for your reply I was on leave and just came back. I opened the link you posted and didn't know if I have to increase the number of the maximum number of files or to minimize it? 


Thanks again



Hi Ali,


I would verify those numbers aren't higher then the default settings.  In my case, I was coming across the same error / issue - LogPartitionLowWaterMarkExceeded UsedDiskSpace : 90.

It turned out the Maximum No. of Files was set alot higher then the default #, therefore the Disk Usage alert was triggered constantly.  Lowering both the High/Low WaterMark exceeded threshold helped but only temporarily.

It wasn't until I adjusted the number of trace files that are kept to avoid hitting the low water mark again.


Hope this helps!




Hi Diana,

I have performed above mentioned steps but it only reduced 6% of disk space.

The current status is as below.

                        Total            Free            Used

Disk/active         14410560K        2571588K       11690208K (82%)

Disk/inactive       14643056K        2917552K       11576740K (80%)

Disk/logging        50989088K        6799208K       41599704K (86%)




Good morning, I have the same error, but my Call Manager version is 11.5; this procedure also works for this release, because after "Check Cisco CTIManager and Cisco CallManager", another screen appears asking me to select the PLM Services / Applications, I select Cisco Prime LM DB, and Cisco Prime LM Server, ALL SERVERS, then of that I give NEXT, another screen appears where it asks me that I must select System Services / applications, in this point that I must do .. ??? I should select all the services the system shows me. ???


Services CALL MANAGER.png


Please, expect your news.



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