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Cisco Unity 4.0(4) shows an incorrect status for the MWI indicator with this error message in Event Viewer: "Failed to set message waiting lamp for (USER), ext (XXXX). reason: Load from Doh failed.Turn on Doh diagnostics to troubleshoot"


Core Issue

This is a sample from the error message:

  Event Type: Error

  Event Source: CiscoUnity_Notifier

  Event Category: Run

  Event ID: 1032

  Date: MM/DD/YYYY

  Time: HH:MM:SS AM/PM

  User: N/A

  Computer: UNITY


  Failed to set message waiting lamp for (USER), ext (XXXX), reason: Load

  from Doh failed. Turn on Doh diagnostics to troubleshoot.

The System Administrator (SA) shows the incorrect state of the message waiting lamp. When this condition occurs, the attempt to toggle the Message-Waiting Indication (MWI) is successful. However, writing the current lamp state to the database fails because of a race condition where the database record is locked. Since this is an intermittent race condition, the next time a message is left for the subscriber or a message has been marked read, the SA correctly displays the current status of the MWI.


This problem is tracked in Cisco bug ID CSCeg02287.

For more information, refer to Cisco Unity Error Message Finder.

This defect exists in Cisco Unity 4.0(4). It is fixed in Cisco Unity 4.0(4)ES58.

To obtain an appropriate Engineering Special (ES), open a service request in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Service Request Tool.

Also refer to CSCeg82723. This is not the same issue as Cisco bug ID CSCeg82723, which occurs after deleting a subscriber. In the case of CSCeg82723, you receive a CiscoUnity_Notifier warning event 1008 in addition to the CiscoUnity_Notifier error event 1032.

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