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Cisco Unity 4.x with Microsoft Exchange cannot import a new Unity subscriber. When subscribers are added, the "Unrecognised error 0x80044802 has occured. The new subscriber was not succesfully added error" message is logged.


Core Issue

The error code 0x80044802 usually points to a lack of permission when a new user account is added in Cisco Unity. Sometimes the specified user to be added already exists in the Active Directory.


To resolve this error, perform these workarounds:

  • Make sure that the user to be added to Cisco Unity does not    already exist in the Active Directory. Change    the alias of the user to be added to check that this is the case. Then, either delete the user in    the Active Directory or select Import and add the existing Microsoft Exchange subscriber.
  • If the problem is not a pre-exisitng user, run the Cisco Unity    Permissions Wizard from the Tools Depot > Administration Tools. To run the    Permissions Wizard for Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000, log on to the Cisco    Unity server with an account that:
    • Is a member of the Domain Admins group in the domain in which the Cisco    Unity server is being installed.
    • Is either an Microsoft Exchange full administrator or a member of the Domain Admins    group in the domain that contains all of the domains from Cisco Unity subscribers to be    imported.
      Note: For more information about the Permissions Wizard, refer    to the Help document available in the Tools Depot.

For related information, refer to Importing and Creating Subscribers In Cisco Unity.