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Cisco Unity Administrator login fails with the "Access denied. Your class of service prohibits you from accessing the System Administration Web pages" error message


Core Issue

Cisco Unity administrators or subscribers may see the above error message when they attempt to use the Cisco Unity Administrator or use Administrative Tools.

When this message appears during a logon attempt to the Cisco Unity Administrator, one of the following has occurred:


  • The class of service for the logon account has been changed. Log on by using a different account.

  • The Cisco Unity class of service has been changed to subscriber for everyone who previously had administrator privileges. There is no longer a Cisco Unity account for the administrator class of service.


The recommended action is to temporarily associate an Exchange account with the administrator class of service.   

  1. In the Exchange Administrator,browse to the recipients for your site, and locate the Example Administrator recipient.
  2. Double-click the Example Administrator recipient.
  3. Associate the Example Administrator recipient with the Windows account that you are logged on with.
  4. Log off and then log back on again to Cisco Unity.
  5. Assign accounts as needed to the administrator class of service.
  6. Log off of Cisco Unity.
  7. In the Exchange Administrator, remove your account association with the Example Administrator account. 

    Note: Under normal circumstances, the Example Administrator should not be associated with a Windows account.

Unity Version

Unity 3.x, Unity 4.x

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