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Cisco Unity Express (CUE) IVR

Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor

CUE ships with a voicemail piece and a basic auto attendant. However, CUE has a built-in IVR component which provides the capability to use custom scripts created using CUE script editor. The IVR capability in CUE is limited version of UCCX IVR component.


You can create your custom scripts and upload them to CUE to perform different function's such as MeetMe password authentication.


CUCM Configuration

  1. Create CTI Route Point with DN as CUE IVR number
  2. Create CTI ports with any unused DNs (the number of CTI Ports should equal to IVR port licenses)
  3. Create an application user with 'Standard AXL' and 'Standard CTI Enabled' privileges. 
  4. Associate CTI ports and CTI RP to the application user


CUE Configuration

  1. Upload all prompts used in the script to CUE (System > Prompts)
  2. Configure CUCM application user in CUE as JTAPI and Web User with CUCM IPs
  3. Navigate to IVR > Application and create a new application
  4. The Calling Number for IVR application should equal to CTI RP DN
  5. Navigate to System > CTI Ports and import the CTI ports created inside CUCM into CUE.


Once these steps are completed, you can verify the CUCM to check the status of the CTI ports and RP. They should be registered which means that CUCM can route calls now to IVR




CUE has three licensing components:


  1. IVR Ports: The total number of CTI ports can be imported and used by CUE. These CTI ports can be used for voicemail, IVR, or both.
  2. Mailboxes: The total number voicemail boxes can be created in CUE
  3. IVR Sessions: The total number of concurrent IVR sessions


The sum of IVR sessions and voicemail sessions shouldn't exceed the number of CTI ports. If the sum if IVR sessions and voicemail sessions exceeds the number of CTI ports, CUE will disable voicemail service.


#show license application status

voicemail disabled, ivr session quantity (2) is equal to or exceeds available ports (2)

ivr enabled: 2 sessions


Once you configure IVR sessions, CUE will assign the remaining sessions to voicemail regardless of the configured number of voicemail sessions.


#show license application status

voicemail enabled: 6 ports, 4 sessions, 10 mailboxes

ivr enabled: 2 sessions

1 Comment
gilang ramadhan


I want to use/enable basic AA functionalities in CUE Version 10.1.0. Do i need IVR port&sessions license to make it work?.


What i know in previous CUE version, I would need IVR license only if i want advanced IVR license functionalities like Email Managment, Document Management etc. Otherwise its port license which is sufficient to work with basic AA functionalities.




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