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Cisco Unity - Information you should include when opening any Unity TAC case.

Cisco Employee

The purpose of this blog post is to give our Unity customers the ability to increase the efficiency in which their cases are handled by empowering them with the information TAC finds the most useful at the start of any investigation regarding the Unity product. I am providing this as a means to spread this info so time isn't wasted asking for it upon new case creation and to speed the overall issue resolution time. With this in mind, I would recommend that customers and partners include any of this information and include it in any new case creation.

Please include any of the following information that you can. Obviously, the more you can provide at the beginning, the better the case will start. Trust me, your TAC engineer will be forever greatful to have this information before they even grab the case.

What version of Unity are you using and what, if any engineering specials are applied?

What version of Call Manager or PBX type are you integrated with?

Is this voice mail only or unified messaging?

What Server OS are you using on Unity and what SP is currently applied?

What version of Exchange are you using and what SP is currently applied?

Is Exchange on-box or off-box?

What has changed that may have caused the issue?

What is the severity of impact this problem is having on your business?

Please include a Unity GUSI cab file. To do this, go to your Unity Tools Depot and double-click the Gather Unity System Info (GUSI) under Reporting Tools. Click the "Write to File" button and copy the file to your case. The newer versions of the GUSI tool will require that you click "Go" first and then the "Write to File" button will become available. Make sure you cc: so that the file is attached to the case automatically.

Also, the more detailed you make the issue heading on your case or you provide the CIN agent, the better off you will be. Please try not to open a case with "Cisco Unity" or "Unity help" or anything similarly vague. A better example of a detailed subject description would be something similar to this:

Unity 8.0(3) ES10 with Exchange 2010 MWI will not turn off system wide.


Unity 7.0(2) ES35 with Exchange 2007 services will not start.


Unity 7.0(2) ES40 with Exchange 2007 PIMG with Avaya PBX getting fast busy signals.

If you consider yourself a power user and know a thing or two about the issue and have traces of the issue already, please zip them up and include them as well. If you believe you are hitting a bug that you have verified via bug toolkit, please include the bug id.

If you just take the time to provide as much of this information as possible from the beginning, you will find that the TAC engineer will have a greater ability to jump in more directly and engage the issue. This helps the TAC engineer and ultimately your, our partners and end customers.

I hope you find this helpful and it allows you to solve issues faster.

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