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Cisco Unity message notification calls are not made to external numbers


Core Issue

Cisco Unity cannot access an external line.


To verify external line access (circuit-switched phone systems only), perform this procedure:

  1. Set up a test phone (phone 1) for single-line testing. Use a line connected to a port that is set to dial out for message notification. For more information, refer to the Preparations for Troubleshooting the Phone System section of Cisco Unity Introduction.    

  2. On phone 1, dial the access code necessary to get an external line.    

  3. Dial an external phone number. If you do not reach the external number, continue with step 4.    

    If you reach the number, Cisco Unity can access external lines for message notification. Message notification settings in the subscriber template may be preventing Cisco Unity from making notification calls. Verify the message types and access code in the template, and change the values if necessary. If you make changes to the template message types or access code, you must make the same changes to all existing subscriber accounts based on the subscriber template.

  4. Review the phone system programming for restrictions on external line access. Change the phone system programming values as necessary, and repeat the test.

Note: To troubleshoot all other message notification issues, refer to Message Notification Calls.