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Cisco Unity voicemails are cut off after 30 seconds


Core Issue

This problem occurs when MGCP is being used and a caller is leaving a voice message.

The Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) gateway initiates a disconnect after a period of silence in one direction, such as when the mute button is pressed, or when a voicemail message is being left.

This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCdv05532.


For a workaround, issue the no mgcp timer receive-rtcp command.

For more information, refer to these documents:


It would be awesome if those links worked.  I am having issues with voicemail cutting out on people leaving messages before they are done.  Just looking for some info.


Here is another solution for a very similar problem on CUBE:

What is happening is the called leg is not sending any RTP packets but the RTCP report interval is still running and if it does not detect anything for the configured amount
of time it will end the call, which is why the calls were dropping after only 60 secs.

Here is how I fixed it:

On CUBE run the following command:


router(config)#ip rtcp report interval [time in milliseconds]

router(config-gateway)#timer receive-rtcp [value]


***INFO - The 'timer receive-rtcp' value argument (or Mfactor) is multiplied with the interval that is set using the 'ip rtcp report interval' command.

Also if you recieve this error,

"timer media-inactive dsp based detection is already configured and it takes precedence
unconfigure timer media-inactive to enable non dsp based detection to take effect"

you will have to disable the 'timer media-inactive' command

router(config-gateway)#no timer media-inactive


router(config)#ip rtcp report interval 12000
router(config-gateway)#timer receive-rtcp 5

This will allow 60 secs before the call will be cutoff. 12000 msec x 5 = 60000 msec / 1000 = 60 sec

router(config)#ip rtcp report interval 60000
router(config-gateway)#timer receive-rtcp 5

This will allow 300 secs or 5 mins before the call will be cutoff. 60000 msec x 5 = 300000 msec / 1000 = 300 sec


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