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Cisco VCS to Unified Communications License Migration Program - Ordering Guide FY18-20


The Cisco VCS to Unified Communications License Migration Program (formally VCS to UCM Migration Licensing Program) allows customers to migrate their existing video endpoints from Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server (VCS) to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UC Manager) in order to leverage an enriched call control experience while maintaining their current video investment.

Starting in March 2017, the program now allows video-centric customers to migrate (and register) their Cisco or 3rd party video endpoints from VCS to the Cisco Expressway Series.

This guide is intended to assist our partners in ordering the migration SKUs, with screenshot examples, and details on using the program.


Update: This program has been extended through July 25th 2020 (FY20)




and how do we contact u? Directly via email or post here on a forum? Is there a mailer list to use?
Cisco Employee

ping me on Spark -

Community Member

Hello David,

One of our existing customer has Tandberg Solution with 4 VC end points (Edge 95 MXP model) & 3515 MCU Model (IPVC-3515-MCU12). Now we are migrating these solution to CUCM R11.x version with Native Registration to CUCM with TP Room licenses.

Regards to that, have below queries to understand the migration solution.

1)      We know that we can register VC endpoint to Expressway solution, but do we need to consider still TP room License for Registration ?.

2)      Existing MCU will not be used, in place we are proposing SMP License for 2 concurrent calls, is that okey ?.

3)      We are proposing CMS Solution for replacement of Meeting Place, will CMS Solution help or any advantage for Multiparty licenses ?.

Please clarify above points and help us to win the deal.


Arun Kumar D.G


You should look at replacing the edge with current codec models like SX, RK and yes those will take TP room license whether you use CCM or Expressway C as call control

Sounds fine for just 4 Units if you think you will have 2 concurrent meetings then go with two or even start with one, it all depends on how many concurrent meetings you want

Cms is the flagship product for bridging and is replacement of the 3500 MCU

It will need SMP plus licensing to be clear

Of course there is multi site licensing that you can buy on endpoints like Sx20 RK and others but a bridge like cms has more features than multi site license





Is there any chance that there will be an extension of the program after July 28th 2018 or what cost will we have after that date?

We have a customer who is not all ready yet.

Best regards
Per Stromfors
Cisco Employee

This program will continue to be available through Cisco FY19.
Cisco Employee


Could you tell me when and how to show the Proof of Entitlement?

Our order is last minute of FY18 so we would like to ensure the evidence before booking.

Best regards,

Shoko Kimura

Cisco Employee

Hello Shoko,

If it is for user license migration, Proof of Entitlement only needs to be recorded by the partner in case of audit. It doesn't have to be sent in otherwise (page 12 of the guide). If you have other questions (without an existing TAC case), please email

Best regards,



hi Srinivasan:

i had similar case my customer also had a case with existing Codian MCU 4505 is there good chance to migrate them to new cisco conferencing technology

please reply me on i had also webex teams installed


The program ends very soon by July end so very limited time to get smp licensing at reduced price, you will need to see what the new Cisco FY holds in August for migration programs

Anthony T

Is this program still available in FY19, as described by above?

Yes the SKU are still live in CCW

I have a few questions about the program.
Today I updated the estimate and found new positions: VCS-MIG-UCM and VCS-MIG-EXP.
Will it be possible to use part of the licenses with the new terminals for the call manager, and part for the Expressway?
There are old and new video terminals.
Will it be possible to transfer the license from Expressway to the call manager when the terminals will be replaced?
What a disappointment. The emergence of two services: CON-ECMU-MIGVCSTR and CON-ECMU-LICTP1RO, which repeat each other



Hi Guys,


     I need to migrate 6 MX300 Endpoints from VCS to CUCM. I see that the program is still available and says i can migrate to TP-ROOM License at no cost, but the ordering guide and SKU's seem outdated. Do you know what the SKU's are, specifically for TP-ROOM?




Look under R-UCL-UCM-UPG-K9 you will see the SKu