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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files

Cisco Voip Phone Registration



  How does the phone registered in CUCM environment?


 -The phone will obtains power via PoE or AC adapter.
-The phone will loads its locally stored firmware image.
-The phone learns the voice vlan id via cdp from the switch.
-Via DHCP it learns it IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and TFTP server.
-Phone contacts TFTP server and request its config file names SEP .cnf .xml created by CUCM and uploaded to TFTP when administrator creates or modifies the phone.

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I have worked until CUCM 9.X (i believe now it is 12 or so) - we use to auto provision many Phones.

In addition to your high level steps - below steps to complete full phone registration.


After the Phone get config file from TFTP Server. :


- The configuration file contains several parameters for the phone. These include the device pool, the Cisco CallManager servers(CUCM) to use, configured speed dials, and other parameters. In general, any time you make a change in Cisco CallManager that requires the phone (device) to be reset, you have made a change to the phone configuration file.


- The Cisco CallManager server sends the phone additional configuration elements during the final phases of the registration process. In general, the registration process must complete successfully


I got Cisco CP-6941 phone and I would like to use it in home lab but I cant register it. I dont have access to the CUCM. Is there any way how to register my phone ir its just useless for me?

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We suggest always open an a  another thread for your problem and  not to hijack thread.


Quick answer, If you want home lab setup for voice, look at below discussion.


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Create a new thread and tell us what is the complete product number of the phone.  I want to know if the phone is loaded with 3PCC firmware or Enterprise firmware.




new thread is created already, did it yesterday but cant find it :-/



Go to your profile by clicking on your picture at the top right. Go My Profile. Then scroll down, you should be able to see it under My subscriptions.


Hope it helps!



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I don't see any details that you've created a new thread.

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I don't go to the learning community.




What are you trying to achieve here?

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