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Cisco Webex Board - Overview and useful resources/info




Cisco Webex Board offers unique features to meeting rooms in ONE device:

a) wireless presentation/screen sharing

b) whiteboard solution with unique features

c) video meeting room endpoint to make/receive video calls and join video conferences (Webex Board has embedded leading edge 4K Video camera to deliver unique video experience).

Webex Board (ex-SparkBoard) comes in two flavors : 55-inch and 70-inch display.


Webex Board use cases


a) Use inside Webex Teams for Video meetings and whiteboarding

Primary function/use case of Webex Board is to participate in Webex Teams meetings (Webex Teams video meetings happen inside Webex Teams spaces). So apart from the excellent video experience you have (and share PC content if you like), the extra thing is that you can use whiteboarding in a very easy way.

For example:  User has joined video meeting inside Webex Teams space A for example. User at some point during the video meeting decides to use whiteboarding. He/she starts drawing on Webex Board and at any point user likes, he/she can share with other participants that are in the Webex Teams meeting. If desired, participants can coannotate (one user from Webex Board, other user from laptop, other from smartphone, etc.)  on same whiteboard session. Nice thing is that whiteboards are automatically saved inside the Webex Teams space A. 

Whiteboarding is a unique experience and moves meetings to a new level. 

Ask your Cisco partner or Cisco Account Manager for a demo! 


b) Use Webex Board as a SIP device to make calls to standards-based SIP endpoints or MCUs

Here Webex Teams is not in the picture. As Webex Board registers in Cisco cloud for callcontrol, it will get a SIP URI address and it can make/receive calls to/from any standards-based SIP Video endpoint or MCU over internet (Cisco or non-Cisco). Common example is to join Webex Meetings (cisco cloud MCU). 

So in summary, you can use it as a ''standards'' video device (share content from laptop via HDMI, etc.) 

Note1: When used in such calls, note that whiteboarding is not yet available (planned). Whiteboarding is only available in video meetings inside Webex Teams only. 

Updated : this was added so you can have whiteboarding from Webexboard inside Webex Meetings. For more details on this see my community post here:


Note2: Webex Board requires cloud registration and does NOT support on-premises (CUCM or other) registration or working standalone (without registration). 

More on the Video device subscription on cloud can be seen here:

Video Device subscription on Cisco cloud


c) Use Webex Board for local meeting (without being on a video call)

Enter a meeting room with your colleagues, start whiteboarding during your meeting and in the end save the whiteboards to a Webex Teams space for further access. Easy and productiive.  


More info and resources:

Main page for Webex Board includes:

Cisco Webex Board 70 Data Sheet

Cisco Webex Board 55 Data Sheet

Experience the Cisco Spark Board - youtube video

Cisco Webex Board How-to Videos

// how to use Webex Board inside Webex Teams videos 

What's New in Webex Board? 

// check what new features have been added recently on Webex Board

Webex quick classes (short videos to show you Webex features)

// check Webex Board video


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.


Good piece of information. Can you also share which particular license/subscription needed for each use case please ? I am totally confused by the ordering information.

Cisco Employee



WebexBoard is one of the video devices that register in the cloud.

So there are two ordering paths:

GPL path and MSRP path

You will find an explanation below on these two paths: 

Spark Video device subscription 

(sorry for the old ''Spark'' name- I need to update my above post :-) 


hope this helps








Webex board on-premise is now possible but will not support all features available on when registered to the cloud.

Hi, charbeleid. How can you prove that this is supported on-prem ?

Hallo fedor. This is now supported on premise as stated on cisco's collaboration roadmap

Cisco Employee

Dear all,


support for on-premises registration of WebexBoard has been added in CE9.8

Check related section for details: 



Note that, as mentioned in the release notes, in-call whiteboarding is not possible. 

Only local whiteboarding is possible. 


hope this helps