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Cisco Webex Training - Overview



Cisco Webex cloud solution offers various conferencing services:

1) Webex Meetings  

//  most common option-used for Meetings- offers great interop

//  with SIP/H323/S4B/Lync Video systems

2) Webex Trainings  //  special Webex edition for trainings

3) Webex Events      // special Webex edition for events

4) Webex Support   // special Webex edition for support


For an overview of these Webex services, check here :

Cisco Webex Conferencing services - Overview


Info on Webex Training solution

Webex Training is a special edition of Webex conferencing services that is targeted

to support training/e-learning use cases.

Webex training.PNG


Cisco WebEx Training Center makes it easy to deliver highly effective, live trainings to anyone, anywhere, without sacrificing effectiveness. It provides a dynamic, interactive learning environment and advanced options to manage audience participation. Participants can join from browser from PC/laptop or from free webex app from tablet/smartphone. Scheduling and session recording features are included and there are also options for Audio PSTN participants if desired.

Usage scenarios: Employee, partner, and customer training product rollouts; certification and IT training; distance learning.


Find attached a slidedeck with Webex Training solution overview.

More details on Webex Training solution:

main page: Webex Training

Webex Training solution overview

Getting Started with Cisco WebEx Training Center

Webex quick classes (short videos to show you Webex features)


What is the difference from Webex Meetings?

Unique Webex Training features (not found in Webex Meetings)

  • Distinct roles of Host/instructor and attendees/students
  • Host/instructor has full control over the session 

        ** let me expand a bit on these two since this is a critical difference to understand.

         For example, in Webex Meetings, although host can mute, at certain point,

         one or more participants, participants have control to unmute themselves.

         This is logical in typical meetings. But in trainings with large audience,

          this is not desireable.

          Host/instructor has to control who can speak/present at any time.**

  • Q&A managed and moderated
  • Integrated testing with automatic grading
  • Advanced registration, tracking and reporting
  • Hands-on labs (remote access to lab computers)
  • Breakout sessions for collaborative learning
  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS) via SCORM and XML
  • eCommerce functionality for selling live or recorded classes


Features missing from Webex Training (offered in Webex Meetings)

  • personal rooms
  • avatars/profile pictures
  • allow Video endpoints to join (standards-based H323, SIP, Cisco or other vendors, S4B/Lync)



Having said that note that it is fine to use Webex Meetings for your trainings, as long as you are aware of above missing features (especially the full control that instructor has to manage audience).



Important notes for customers in Education Vertical (universities, schools, etc.)

Most schools/universities use a LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle, Canvas, etc. Although you could use Webex Training service independently of your LMS, there is great benefit to integrate these two. This would offer you automated processes, save valueable time from you IT staff and also allow you to scale.

For more info on LMS integration of the Webex services, please check below post:

LMS integration for Webex Meetings, Webex Trainings, Webex Teams

Webex Education connector - to be added soon 


What is the best way to experience Webex Training service?

Ask your Cisco partner or Cisco Account Manager for free trial of the service.


How to order Webex Training?

There are various options to order Webex Training depending on case:

a) if you need one or two named hosts --> Flex Plan Named User Meeting is the best way to go

b) if you need more named hosts, then examine the Flex Plan Enterprise Suite offer.Although this is for 25 named hosts minimum, it makes sense cost wise to examine these even for less than 25 named hosts.  

c) Large number of hosts required ---> Flex Plan Active User Meetings (>40) and Flex Plan Enterprise agreements (all users of your company)

    For details, see this post: Which Webex offers fits my case?


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DISCLAIMER: this post was created in order to provide useful info to Cisco partners and customers in my area (Greece/Cyprus and Malta). For official and updated information, please consult cisco documentation, datasheets and ordering guides.

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