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Cloud Telephony Service: A Lifeline for Hotels


Agility and responsiveness is the key driving attribute of any business, but when it comes to hotels, restaurants and other verticals in hospitality, it almost becomes the lifeline. Here customers want services blended with more professionalism and unchallenged courtesy. Increasing per capita income and media-driven awareness, besides other factors, have soared customers’ expectations to reach the pinnacle. Hence, such vendors being a part of a vibrant and dynamic sector that is accountable for subtle contribution towards state and nation’s income, trade flows, FDI inflows and employment, have to be on their toes. Realizing the needs, Fonebell, a leading business enterprise in India, offers customized interactive voice response system or IVR solutions, and cloud technology based telephony services for hotels.

In the current section, we’ll discuss that how hotels can make a big difference in their services by adopting cloud telephony and IVR systems.

Increase customer acquisition: Cloud telephony favors unified communication and helps vendors to respond to their callers, prospects or customers in a quick and easy manner over their favorite communication channels including phone, IVR, chat, etc. They can route their calls or queries to the right departments or staff to make sure persons on the other ends get befitting service or information. This will increase acquisition or booking, and contribute towards improving brand image as well.

Improve customer satisfaction: Perfect collaboration through VoIP integrated with CRM helps your staff to serve guests on real time with great diligence. This nurtures the customer relationship, which transforms customers into repeated customers. As satisfied customers are brand ambassadors their word of mouth can have a great impact.

Continuous online presence: With a structured cloud-hosted IVR and phone systems, hotels can stay online every time. Thus, prospects or customers can contact with them whenever they are in need. Interestingly, this doesn’t increase total cost of ownership or communication network’s complexity.



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