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Cluster database replication is affected by a change in the CCMAdmin and SQLSvc passwords in Cisco CallManager


Core Issue

There are some restrictions in changing the CCMAdmin and the SQLSvc passwords of the Cisco CallManager.  Changing these passwords impacts the database replication within the cluster.


If the passwords for the CCMAdmin and SQLSvc passwords need to be changed, the same passwords must be used in all the servers within the cluster. However, the password for the Windows Administrator account can be changed independently on each Cisco CallManager.

Perform this procedure to change the CCMAdmin account password:

  1. Select Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Computer Management

  2. Click the + (the plus sign) beside Local Users and Groups in the left column. 

  3. Click Users

  4. Click on and highlight CCMAdmin in the right column. 

  5. Right-click Administrator and select Set Password

  6. Enter the new password and confirm the new password. 

  7. Click OK to confirm and close the change password dialog box.

To change the SQLSvc password, refer to The difference between the SQL SA account and the SQLSvc account, and how to change the passwords - What is the difference between the SQL SA account and the SQLSvc account and how do you change their passwords?

To correct the database replication issues after resolving the password issues, refer to these documents:

For further information, refer to the following document:

  • Administrative Accounts and Passwords

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