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CME to CUCM 8.6 (UCL)


Please I need migrate two remote CME to one only central CUCM 8.6. What licence (Part number) I need to migrate my SW-CCME-UL to CUCM 8.6 (UCL). And How is this to I have licence to SRST in my Routers (before CME)


Manuel Mora


Use UCL top level SKU R-CUCM-USR-LIC and UNITYCN8-K9 and use the 9 dollar program to convert existing CME and CUE licenses to CUCM and Uconn.

SRST and CCME on the router is interchangeable


Thansk Srini

For example: that is correct??

Part NumberPart DescriptionQuantityList Price
Licencias y Servicios Central Telefonica (CUCM)
CUCM-USR-LICTop Level Sku For User License1 $                 -  
MIG-CUCM-USR-AMigration to UC Manager Enhanced - Less than 1K Users70 $              9,00
UCSS-UCM-3-1-AUC Manager Enh UCSS Less than 1K users - 1 user - 3 years70 $            26,00

do UCSS for 3 years is mandatory???




Yes 3 yrs unless Govt/Education


This post was very useful.  Thanks.

One small correction.  Its actually UNITYCN8-VUP-K9 for Unity Migration using 9&3.



Hi, please can you be so kind and help me.

I read your response above.

Is there anything to consider, if the custerm has an existing CUCM with over 50 User Connect Licenses and plan now to upgrade the existing call manager express (CME) to and SRST gateway.

If I select CUCM-USR-LIC, and choose the MIG-CUCM-USR-A, the system show me a error message, that a minimum of 50 UCL lisenced has to be ordered.

The exsiting CME has less den 50 and I think it is an ADDon.

Which licenes do we have to order for UCL and for untiy express?

It would be very please, if anyone can help me asap.

Many thanks and best regards. Diana



I have had a long case on the issue of less than 50 and the response is not much can be done

You have to do at least 50 at 9 per license

Now let's say you have other CME in the network and each of them are less than 50 then use this chance to migrate all because you cannot keep doing one at a time

For cue same thing use the 9 dollar program to move to Uconn




Dear Srini,

thank you! Have a nice weekend.


No worries here is a snippet. We also ran into issues with co terming ESW/UCSS since 9X3 requires 3 yrs of ESW/UCSS and my customers existing CUCM cluster had a different ESW/UCSS contract so co terming it becomes tough.

The most important thing to note about the 93 program is that it is meant to be a per-cluster upgrade. Meaning, the customer would not be able to use the 93 migration to upgrade all of the CME sites individually in a phased-migration. If they used a phased migration, any users that would need to be migrated at a later date from the initial 93 upgrade would have to be purchased at full price. The 93 program is designed to upgrade the entire cluster at one time. I would recommend exploring options for migrating/centralizing the entire cluster in one move if possible. Also, depending on how long their migration might take, keep in mind that the 9*3 promotion expires in April, 2013. I know this isn't desirable in some situations, but it's the only way that discount can be had.

Because the 3-year minimum is required for UCSS/ESW, co-terming services is not always an easy task, and is an unfortunate side-effect of getting the promotional pricing.



Rising star


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This is very helpful.  What about analog and public space CME to CUCM licensing?  Would one use the same SKU's?  Or some other sub-level SKU under CUCM-USR-LSC?

I'm guessing here but would the SKU to migrate public space phones be MIG-PUBLIC-IP-DEV? and analog be MIG-CUCM-ESS-USR?



A couple of things

1) You cannot migrate to 8.6 anymore. You have to do this as 9 version now using R-UCL-UCM-MIG-K9. Under that select ESS for analog and BAS for basic and ENH for public space since public space doesnt exist with version 9.



I wanted to upgrade my current CME to SRST. and upgrade the CME users to exciting global CUCM v9

we had discussion with Cisco. Cisco requested to give the the number of CME users, number of analog and public space phones in current CME. how to check this details.

please help me on this.




Check your past orders that's the best way. Since CME licensing is honor based that's the best way to show Cisco what your purchased



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