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Collaboration BE6000 Week: Ask the Experts - Nov. 17 to 19

Cisco Employee


Mark your calendars and plan to join us on November 17-19 to talk with Cisco experts on topics related to BE6000. Cisco BE6000 technical experts will be available for 24 hours, for near real-time question and answers in the Cisco Collaboration Unified Communications Forum:

Here's the lineup:

  • Tuesday, November 17: Upgrading to the latest version of BE6000
  • Wednesday, November 18: Changes to BE6000 licensing and support
  • Thursday, November 19: Top tips for operational excellence with BE6000

Simply RSVP to the session to save your seat and receive a calendar invite to serve as a reminder. Then join us back in the forum on November 17-19. We look forward to your questions!

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Heather, I'm using this mean to contact you so I'd need some help. I'm the Deputy to the CEO of Techno Trends, S.L. a video and collaboration CISCO Spanish partner. I've all CISCO levels access credentials (ppe, ppc, ccw, etc. etc.), even I've admin functions in Cisco partner platform. But I can't register/subscribe to the COLLABORATION BLOG!!!!, the one that is more important for us. System asks me to use a google account and when I introduce it, I get a message that "you're not authorized". Coul you help me or address me to the adequate Cisco person than can do it? Thanks very much. Eduard Arnau

Cisco Employee

Hi Eduard –

Thanks for getting in touch with me about this issue. I have contacted our blog support team to see what they can do to assist. I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out more information.



Cisco Employee

Hi Eduard - follow up question - are you trying to access the Collaboration blog located here?  Cisco Collaboration Blog





Thanks for your interest.

Yes. The issue appears when I try to subscribe to the Collaboration Blog. In “Subscribe Now” box, they ask for your mail address. I introduce my e-mail<> and a window opens in the left high corner asking a gmail address. And when I introduce one of my gmail addresses (I’ve tryied with 3 addresses) the systems tells me “Sorry but you have not access to this service”. I don’t understand why I need a gmail address to subscribe to this Cisco Collaboration Blog when my credential e-mail for accessing to Cisco web platform and services is my current Techno Trends address.

De: Heather Caldwell

Enviado el: lunes, 09 de noviembre de 2015 21:01

Para: Eduard Arnau

Asunto: Re: - Collaboration BE6000 Week: Ask the Experts - Nov. 17 to 19

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Collaboration BE6000 Week: Ask the Experts - Nov. 17 to 19

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Cisco Employee

I've just sent you an email with a screen shot that might help out.