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Collaboration Commandment requires change management

Cisco Employee

Collaboration.pngThe boss says: "thou shalt collaborate."  We have all heard these sorts  of mandates before. Responses range from "yes sir, to help me  understand why, to when does this start?"  While a small percentage of  your workforce sees the value in the new, most tend to just see  something else they have to do. The value of the human network, is  inextricably linked to collaboration so Advanced Services has built a  practice specifically designed to show customers how to get their  workforce engaged in the future of the workplace.

As a solutions architect in video collaboration space, I am frequently  asked about the roadmap to ROI for this exciting space.  They say: "We  intuitively see benefit here, but we need to justify the investment  spend with more than intuition. Can you help me? How do I show  results?"  We start with the premise that value can only be achieved  with a blend of people, process, and technology and... Collaboration  doesn't just happen. One of the best primers to our method and approach  in advanced services is "Collaboration" by Morten Hansen.

  • Collaboration drives value in efficiency, innovation, and sales? ...  when it is disciplined.
  • Understanding the barriers to collaboration is key to defining and delivering disciplined collaboration.

REALITY CHECK! One of the most surprising findings in the book was that  collaboration on the whole can be detrimental to your workforce without  discipline. Overcoming the barriers doesn't just happen. It requires  change management: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and  reinforcement.

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An excellent book on collaboration that not only talks about the barriers to collaboration (NIH, hoarding, search and transfer), but backs it up with real-world examples of where and how collaborative efforts have failed in the enterprise environment.  I would encourage anybody focused on collaboration to read this book and if you ever have the opportunity to attend an event with Morten, he's an outstanding speaker.

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