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Microsoft to Jabber Migration

In this web seminar you will learn how to plan and execute a migration from a Microsoft environment to a Cisco On Premise Collaboration Solution. You will walk through the steps required to setup the migration/interoperability architecture. In particular, new functionalities introduced into Cisco UCM 11.5 and Cisco Expressway X8.8 and CMS that support your efforts to conduct the Microsoft to Jabber Migration will be covered.

Scenarios Covered:

  • Set up Lync/Jabber Federation
  • Maintain B2B Connectivity During Migration
  • Support User Migration from Lync 2013 to Cisco Jabber
  • Preview Expressway X8.8 B2B Federation

Cisco Jabber Migration

Joey De Wiele, Presenter
Thursday, November 9th, 2017 @ 2:00PM ET

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All this sessions are 4AM Sydney time, Will this sessions be recorded ? so that we can refer it on later date and time ?

If yes, i would like to receive the details on



Community Member

Yes. All these live webinars will be recorded and archived here:

Free IT Training Webinars | Fast Lane


Yes only three but that address is undeliverable

It seems an internal only address and it bounced back for me

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Remember to check out the 1st webinar in the CST Collab Made Easy series on Tues July 11th at 2pm EST.

It will cover Certificate & Security Best Practices.

Click here to register or join.

Review this 4min video clip to get a taste of what to expect:

Community Member

Hi all,

We had a good turnout at the 1st webinar on 7/11.  For those of you who want to dig deeper into Certificate & Security Best Practices, check out this course: CSR v11.6 Update - IM&P, Collaboration Edge and Security (CSR11.6U)

So I just wanted to remind you to save the date for the next webinar on July 25th at 2pm EST. It will cover Collab E2E Troubleshooting.

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Community Member

The 2nd webinar on Collaboration Edge End to End Troubleshooting is now archived here:

Free IT Training Webinars | Fast Lane


Kori N.

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Cisco Spark dCloud Webinar Tomorrow, August 15th!

Did you know that there are three different Spark labs in dCloud?

These labs look at various aspects of Spark deployment.

  1. Cisco Spark Enablement Lab v2: This long lab walks you through the complete set up of a Spark cloud and corresponding Spark Hybrid configuration.
  2. Cisco Spark Cloud and Hybrid Services v2: This shorter lab uses a script to deploy the hybrid services.
  3. Cisco Spark Cloud Services v2: This lab only demonstrates Spark cloud services and skips the hybrid services.

These labs help you both to understand Spark and provide a platform for demonstrating Spark to prospective customers. The webinar provides information to help you get the most out of the labs:

  1. An overview of the lab content and timing.
  2. Tips for getting the most out of the lab.
  3. Issues that you should be aware of and how to work around them.

Click here to register and join our Webinar on Tuesday, August 15th.

Learn more about other great learning experiences!

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Did you miss the Cisco Spark dCloud Webinar?  Are you struggling with the labs and wish you had more insights?

You are in luck!  Joey De Wiele's presentation is now available and contains great insights and tips to help!

Community Member

Hi all,

As promised, Joey DeWiele has expanded on the webinar series topics and paired them up with in-depth, hands-on labs in the new CSR11.6U course that aims to help you get more comfortable with the relevant implementation tasks.

NOTE: CSR11.6U is already being delivered Privately and the Public schedule is now posted too. We will add more dates and WW locations to the Public schedule based on your input.

So if you're interested in course registration or related training details, please email

Or ping Joey directly to discuss the course content & scope.


Kori N.

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