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Collaboration – who’s doing it?


In a recent Collaboration Summit in Delhi, India, CIOs shared their insight around issues such as the importance of interoperability and mobility in the workplace as well as employee benefits experienced when deploying collaborative technologies. Visit an earlier recap to read some of the themes covered.

With Bryan Tantzen, Senior Director Strategy & Customer Transformation for Cisco in the frontline, a CIO Q&A was hosted to continue the discussion.  One of the common questions was around how companies are currently collaborating, a hot topic given that the collaboration technology market in India experienced 22% growth in 2011 (Frost & Sullivan). Watch what he had to say in the video excerpt below.

Cognizant, a leading systems integrator, is a company taking up the challenge and using immersive video such as TelePresence and video at the desktop to communicate globally.  Cognizant deployed video collaboration to drive internal executive and leadership meetings, client meetings and even client delivery. The company has not only been able to reduce cost but also reduce carbon emissions by 23% (35964 metric tons to 27738 metric tons) in one year even as their business grew 16%.

Bryan continues with Cisco itself as an example of a company applying collaboration technology and process to improve its own sales and operations response times – in some cases from days, to under an hour.

How are you or your company starting to collaborate?  Does this reflect the way that you’re heading?  Comment below or drop a line to @ciscocollab or @ciscoindia on Twitter.

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