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Collaborations Innovators: Jerry Bruckheimer Redefines Hollywood Collaboration with Cisco TelePresence


It’s no secret that when people get together to collaborate, great things can happen. Nowhere is this more evident than in the stories of our customers. That’s why we are bringing their voice to the forefront in a new series called Collaboration Innovators. It’s our way of showcasing new innovative use cases of collaboration technologies and bringing some stories to light that inspire a different way of thinking about technology.

To kick off the series we are highlighting Jerry Bruckheimer, one of the world’s most successful and innovative film producers. Bruckheimer is using Cisco TelePresence to change the collaboration game in Hollywood by bringing on-set and remote directors, editors, and talent together to produce award winning films.


In Bruckheimer’s upcoming film Lone Ranger, he took Cisco TelePresence EX90s behind the scenes to help with movie production. Armed with life-like, instantaneous video collaboration, Bruckheimer was able to review film dailies with editors and post-production staff in Los Angeles while he was on-set in New Mexico. Once location shooting had wrapped, several more units were deployed to post-production teams around the globe to collaborate over visual content and begin assembling what will be the final film, to be released June 2013.  In this business, keeping the flow of communication rolling and teamwork is critical.  As they say, time is money.

While telepresence took a leading role in this story -- infrastructure and networking gear play a major supporting role to drive the needs of business every step of the way. Ever think about the amount of data that passes hands when making a film? Cisco makes it all possible.

Video and telepresence may have debuted in the boardroom, but its clear to see that its uses don’t end there.  From connecting choreographers and dance students from around the world to decreasing stroke mortality rates, people are discovering ground-breaking ways to make the most out of Cisco’s collaborative technologies.

How can other organizations excel?  Read more about Jerry Bruckheimer’s collaboration story and watch the video in our Collaboration Innovators feature.  See how people are getting creative to accomplish extraordinary things and share your story or a photo. Together, we can let the world know #HowWeCollaborate.



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