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Community Ask Me Anything FAQ- How to set up Webex Meetings



This topic was a chance to discuss more about WebEx Meetings regarding installation, configuration, implementation, use, and integration with other applications. Learn the best practices to make the most of the tool, as well as the best practices to troubleshoot its common issues.

This forum event worked well as an introduction for those who are not familiar with the tool and have recently started to use it.

This event had place from Friday, March 20 to Friday, April 8, 2020

Featured experts
angelihe.jpgAngelica Hernandez Becerra is a Designated Service Manager in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. She specializes in Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, and Jabber. Angelica holds an ITIL foundation v3 certification.


luis.jpgLuis Gomez Rocandio is a Designated Service Manager in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. He specializes in collaboration solutions such as Webex, video devices, and Jabber. He has worked at Cisco for 11 years. Before joining Cisco, he worked at Dell as a Regional Coordinator and at Hewlett Packard in the administrative area. Luis has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a diploma in business management. He holds Social Selling and Cisco Cloud Fundamentals certifications.


cnuche.jpgChristian Nuche is a Designated Service Manager and Technical Expert in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. He has 17 years of experience in the IT industry, particularly in collaboration technologies. He has been collaborating with Cisco for 15 years in different Collaboration and Unified Communication teams on diverse roles, which include Tech Lead roles, and he has collaborated in the Plan, Design and Implementation (PDI) team as well. Christian is an author of and Cisco Community technical documents, and he is a Technical Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert for Cisco Certifications.


Q.How do we lock all participants from sharing their webcam & audio? We turned off "anyone can share" and turned on "mute on entry" and "mute all," but we still see people accidentally displaying their screens and talking as they log in. It may just be people using the internet & computer for sound & calling, not sure. 
Also, is there a set of instructions we can share with participants that include screen captures of icons and setup screens to show them not to share a microphone or camera?

A.You can create a personalized session and assign it. You need to go to control Hub > Meetings > Webex URL > Configure Site > Common Settings > Session Type
In this menu, you can remove the video option and other functions that you would like to clock from all the attendees. When you complete modifying the list, you click on "Save," you must assign the name of this kind of session. Go to your user list, assign the new session type, and disable the predetermined settings

Q.Could you please help me with a tutorial that explains how to activate the Webex account? I received an authorization a few minutes ago, but I don't know how to activate the "meetings" option. Should I configure something? What steps do I need to follow?

A.Here is a document that shows the process, if this is a free account:

In the following link, you can easily download the Webex Meeting or Teams desktop app. Also, you can find them for mobile devices as well in the different app stores. Please follow the install process and steps that the app indicates you

Basic Functionality

Q.I have the Event Center, Support Center, and Meeting Center.  Is there a document that Cisco has that talks to the appropriate use case for each one.I have over 1800 workers that have been displaced and are working from Home.Trying to educate them on what type of meeting to host depending on the meeting agenda and participant size.

A.Here is a good comparison doc:

Some general rules:

* Anything beyond 1000 attendees must be Webex Events (you could use the broadcast feature)

* If this is a 1:1 or a small group you can use Personal Rooms (if enabled)

* If these are general meetings with less than 1000 attendees you can use Webex Meetings

* If you need one of the special features of Webex, then choose the type of meeting that includes that feature, (for example, if you need a 'hands-on lab' you need to choose Webex Training, see the special features list on the comparison doc)

Q.I work as a scheduler and couldn't find an answer online - is it possible to schedule simultaneous Webex Meetings? I am not taking part in any of the meetings, just setting up and inviting attendees. Each meeting would have alternate hosts set and do not have the same attendees.

A.Sure you can, you can do this either on your Webex home page or via Outlook (you must have installed the Outlook plugin/productivity tools in order to use Outlook to schedule Webex meetings)

On Outlook, you may see that there is a conflict, but if you just ignore that, there would be no issues.

Q. Can you upload and change the background image of a video conference on the desktop app on Windows or Mac?

A.You can change the way your Personal Room view looks. Update your profile picture, set your background image, and even change the appearance of your desk:

During a Cisco Webex meeting, you can blur your background or set a virtual background, so meeting participants can stay focused on you:

The feature to change the background on a video meeting is currently available only for iOS devices either iPhone or iPad, this feature is currently on the roadmap for desktop clients and Android, and will be available soon.

Q.Could you suggest a best practice on "Reporting" since, soon, there will be a request on demonstrating the "increase" of Webex Meeting usage? More specifically, I was wondering if there is a graphical representation, similar to the "Insights" of Webex User for the FULL Webex Administration Page (in order to include graphs for ALL Meetings and not for one user).

A. Is this what you are asking for? Under meetings?

Q.Yes, this is what I am looking for, however, I am managing Webex from Cisco Webex Site Administration and it looks like I am missing the Analytics menu (or I don't know how to find it, check below:1.png

Do I guess right that I don't have the Analytics option due to the fact that my Webex site is not enrolled yet on Control Hub?2.jpg


A.Control Hub will allow you to access the analytics you are looking for, according to your conversation, in this case, you are missing the enrollment of your Webex Site to Control Hub, please access to your Webex Site Admin and enroll to Control Hub, also invite you as admin so you will be able to visualize analytics and also, troubleshooting:

Q.I am the Site Admin however based on the current situation (working from Home and increased number of calls) I am a bit concerned about the enrolment and more specifically if I miss by enrolling to Control Hub the access to the Webex Site Administration (which I am more familiar with). Are you aware of the Site Admin can have access by both sites?

A.The linking process will get you access to advanced analytics base on the URL, that doesn't mean you need to migrate your administration to Control Hub.
Here is an article that details the implication of the site linking:

Q.Since the information from the Hub Analytics look really valuable, is there a chance that the Site-Admin can build up a consolidated report and having it sent automatically via email in PDF form?

A.You will have to do this to get Analytics:

Q.We're using our Personal Room more than meetings with a personal account (the free version).Participants don't see the option to switch to the Grid View Video Layout.  We only see the icon to switch to the Full-Screen view.How do we use a grid view, or is that only an option with paid-for plans?Also, how do we change the default so that participants cannot share their screens?Again, is this only an option with paid-for plans?

A.Try this:

I tried on someone's free account yesterday on iPhone and tilted it in portrait mode and saw the participants in the grid view.I have not tried on the desktop, but it should be possible as well.

Q.Your mention of iPhones made me check again.You're right that we do the grid view option if using the desktop app but not if using the web app in the browser.I assume, therefore, it is a limitation of the web app?

A.Here the limitations using Web App

Q.Is there any difference between a meeting URL that uses "/meet/" vs. "/join/"? We see both used at work, but we can't discern any functional difference.

A.Both will get you to the same page, Join is legacy but still working.

Q.How can I restrict meeting participants to those logged in with an invited email? The documentation says to use site administration, but it looks like I don't have access (I'm on a free account).

A.What you can do is to create your meeting with a password and set the email invite to not send the password on the invite, you can provide the password on a separate communication, if someone that has not been invited somehow gets the meeting link and the password, you as a host can expel or move to the lobby any participant on the meeting and then lock the meeting, so nobody else can join the meeting. See:

You have to use one of those subscription accounts in order to gain access to the site administration option.

If you activated your account from it does not have site admin privileges. If a partner granted the account those versions have Admin Control Hub.

Q.How many end users can join for one WebEx meeting at a time?

A.Webex Meetings up to 1000

Webex Events up to 3000

Here is a comparison doc:

Q.Can I limit a poll to only certain participants?

A.Unfortunately, no, the poll will be displayed to all attendees. As a workaround, you could create a 'Webex Teams Space' with only the participants you are interested in and create a poll on that Teams space.See:


Q.My question is about the registration information for a scheduled event.  Because of legislation regarding various aspects of Government in the Sunshine, my organization is not allowed to "require" that an attendee enter any identifiable information before accessing a meeting of any constitutional board.  I've been able to publish my meeting schedule and remove the need to use the meeting password - but attendees are still being required to enter first name, last name, and email address. Can you help me make this Webex Events 100% public, and remove the need for any and all authentication?

A.Go to schedule an event. Under event name, you will find the option for registration, remove that mark and continue scheduling the event. Per default, attendees will be asked for a name and email address only. You can save these options as a template to avoid configuring again.

Q.I'm struggling with understanding how many participants can be seen at the same time. Found it's different between devices.1.Webex registered 2.non registered 3.Meetings client. Is my understanding correct?


Single / Active Speaker

Equal / Grid

Overlay / Active Presence / Active Speaker and Thumbnail


Webex Registered





non-Webex Registered(incl. Webex Teams)





Meetings Client



1+5 w/t view switch button


A.If we are talking about the video: The video layout for the full screen is 5x5 from a computer. The experience is the same using WebEx teams and WebEx meetings

If you want to see the participant's names. The event center can hide this information and only the host and panelist will be able to see the names of attendees. At the top on your right, you will have the number of participants as host.

As an attendee, if the participant's list is hidden under panelist names you will see how many attendees have the session.

Q. The link is a little bit older because it says 16 participants in Grid view. How about Webex registered and non registered then? In fact, it is confusing that the layout capability is not the same. This device can show up to 25, but this device not or like that.

A. Layout for video its 25 participants, and you can move back and forward to see the rest of the video attendees. Here an updated link about that:

Applies for Event and Meeting, which are the ones who support endpoints.

In full screen here an updated article that shows those views

The first screenshot is the view that you will see using a Dx80, and Sx10. What type of video device are you using?

Q. Let's say Webex room kits, one Webex registered, and another not. I mean by "let's say" I think it's not device type matter. As I wrote, there seem to be three layout types, not depending on what device we are using. 1. Webex registered (endpoint) 2.on-Webex registered (endpoint) 3.Meetings client (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). My customers often ask me, "how many participants can I see at the same time?" but unfortunately not having the exact answer now.
When they want to see 25 participants, Webex registered devices won't meet the requirement if my current understanding is correct. Therefore it would be great if I could have some advice or suggestion on the table.

A. Endpoints registered or non registered:
Cisco Webex Meetings video conferencing (formerly Collaboration Meeting Rooms Cloud) and CMR Hybrid support up to six video screen displays. This includes up to five plus the active speaker.

Computers Mac or Windows

Grid or full-screen layout: Up to 25 video attendees are shown in equally sized windows.

Some reminders, I would like to share some of the best practices about how to join to Webex when working from home

Disconnect from your own VPN. Your employer might have provided you a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to use the company's network while you're working remotely. You can use Webex Meetings without using VPN for an enhanced experience.

I suggest you pick audio over Webex video otherwise this would decrease your resolution immediately, eventually, you can turn off your video to adapt it to your network quality. You can do this at any time.

You can find further information here: http//

Take advantage of breaks. You could have a better experience when joining 5min before the session starts. Or even better, try to schedule at 15 or 45min of the hour instead of 2:00pm or 9:00am.

Switch to Call Audio. If your audio and video experience are poor when you're connecting via the internet or the call me/ call back is not working, you can continue collaborating. Call directly the session, you can find the access details and numbers and in the meeting invitation so you can join from your phone or mobile phone.

If the main phone number they have provided you is not available -temporarily-, the event invitation includes a long list of other numbers and the local number you can use to call and connect the audio. You can find further information here: http//

You can find further information in the Webex best practices guide:

To review the IT admin and final users guides, you can visit  http//

Q. Is it possible to assign a session type to all existing users?

A. Yes, you can customize your preferences of type of sessions and then assign to one or all the users, here the steps using control hub

And here the steps using classic site admin

In both scenarios mentions how to add that session type to all

Q. In those help pages, there's a procedure for a single user and for all new users, but I can't find the way to do it for all existing users. Can I allow the Host to record but nor the participants? I've tried through a "Session Type," but it's all or none.

A. If you are using the Webex Meetings Recording option is only for Host if you have Training recording that can be enabled for all participants into the Participants menu once the session is running. The last resource is the  Bulk Modify User Attributes here the steps:

Q. Is it possible for two registrations/users to use Webex Meetings on the same smartphone? Ex. Corporate account and a private (free) account? I don´t see an alternative to changing the one that was registered first (in my case, the corporate one).

A. If I understood your question correctly, you want to use 2 different Webex Meetings users/accounts on the same smartphone and the same app instance, that cannot be done, the app only allows one active account.

If your phone somehow allows having two different separate instances of the app, you could set up one instance with one account and the use a different account on the second instance, I've seen some dual-SIM phones allowing to have 2 instances of some apps like WhatsApp, but that would depend on your phone, the Webex app by default does not allow this.

The only workaround I see for this is that you will need to sign out and sign in again using the other account.

Q. The problem that I am facing is that: When exiting the application, I would have to clear the data for the current instance because Webex alone, if I log out and try to log in again, does not present a login screen but apparently saves the session information / previous user in some token.
Ideally, the UI should display the data entry screen (user account/pass) even if it natively only accepts one account.
Is it possible to configure in Webex to go back one step before logging in and offer the screen allowing user account/pass?

A. After sign out and then sign in again the app by default will show the last user that was used, just tap on the upper left corner to 'go back', and then you will be able to select a different user@domain account.

Q. Planning a Webex meeting I can invite attendees by entering their email addresses manually. How can I access lists of attendees which I have created in the address book/contacts (not sure what the labels are in the English version, the German are “meine Webex-Kontakte” and “Verteilerliste”)?

A. If you are using the modern view, switch to the classic view, see this article:

Q. It seems that some features are only available in the classical view. But in the top navigation bar, there is no link “classical view” (free translation of the German layout). Also in the site configuration in the menu Site Option, I cannot find any configuration for choosing a "classical view" or "modern view".I studied the articles "n0s3esu" and "noh9c4". But it seems that neither the link in the top navigation bar is displayed nor the configuration option in the site configuration is available.

A. If you do not see the 'classic view' next to the 'sign in' and 'language' links you are probably already on the classic view.

If you are on the modern view and do not see that then try to go to:

For example for the site 'cisco', the URL would be

Q. In the site configuration within the menu “Site-Übersicht” (free translation. “site overview”) the options “bearbeitungsfähiges Benutzerprofil” (free translation: “customizable user profile”) and “E-Mail-Vorlage bearbeiten” (free translation: “edit email template”) are disabled. How can these features be enabled?

A. Are you a full Admin of the site? Are these enabled on the English version of the site? if so, I recommend you to open a case on TAC.

Q. How can I block participants from talking in the middle of Webex meeting. I tried muting them but then they just activate their mic and start talking again. Any help will be appreciated.

A. Schedule a Webex Event can be a better solution for your needs, you are 100% in control of everything, so you can mute everyone and participants will need to raise hands to talk or, they can type their questions in the Q&A chat, here an article that provides details of what you can do in Webex Event:

A Webex Event can be scheduled as a regular Webex meeting by accessing to Webex classic view

 You may use 'Event Center', on Webex Meetings you can mute all attendees, but they still have the ability to un-mute themselves.

When using the Webex Event Center type meeting you can set the "mute upon entry" feature or "mute all" feature, and the attendees will NOT be able to un-mute themselves, they will have to 'raise hand' or ask on the chat to be un-muted, or you may un-mute an attendee or panellist if you want them to talk. See:

Q. Is there an advanced audio setting that will allow for background sound? Our organization is using Webex Meetings for music lessons, and the service often identifies the instrument playing as background and then mutes that sound. Other platforms have a way to improve audio settings for music teaching. We need to be able to have this setting be the default rather than waiting for the software to ask if there is background noise and whether the Host wants to allow for it.

A. If possible, I'd suggest placing an external mic close to the instrument, or even better connect the instrument to the PC and share using the option 'optimize for motion and video' this way you can also play a video, and the audio will be streamed directly from the PC to the attendees.

If those options are not possible then you may select to "Disable noise detection" when prompted to mute your mic due 'background noise detected,' see:

Also see the tips and tricks for audio:

Here are some resources for virtual classes / schools / teachers / students / parents:

As an extra here is an article about a success case for online music education:

Q. How can I retrieve a meetings chat for a user of my system. I login as Admin but do not see the reports tab on left panel of page to start the process below. Site Administrators only- To access session chat logs:
  1. Log in to your Webex Site Administration page. 
  2. Click Reports in the left navigation bar.
  3. Click Webex Support > CSR Activity.
  4. Specify search options.
  5. Click the Display Report button.
  6. To the right of the CSR's name, click the number displayed in the No. of sessions column.
  7. Click the session ID link you would like to view chat logs for.
    The chat will be viewable in the Chat Log section. Note: The chat log can be exported by clicking the Export button.

A. What type of meeting was that? That is for a "Webex Support" session.

If this was a "Webex Meeting" type of meeting or personal room, the host has to save the chat before ending the meeting.

Finally, this document refers to the 'legacy' Admin portal, the 'Webex Administration', not the 'Control Hub' Admin portal.

Q. I would like to see the chat log for the meeting I had yesterday to followup on any questions posted.  I looked online, and it appears that only the site admin has access to the chat logs Would it be possible for me to get a copy for the following meeting: Jason Siko's Personal Room-20200401 1805-1.

A. The chats on Webex Meetings are not saved. For that, you need to save information before the end of the meeting.

You can find a report about attendees, recordings and meetings. If you recorded the session you can obtain from there chats.

Q.  I work in law enforcement, and we are exploring Webex to facilitate online interviews confidential in nature.Some interviews take place with an interviewer and an interviewee with other observers when operating normally.  Questions that have arisen:

1) Is there a way to lock the two video feeds (interviewer and interviewee), with the remaining participants hidden but able to chat only with the interviewer? We need the interviewee to only have access to the interviewer and NOT the other participants.
The interviewee cannot see the chat from the other participants.
2)  If that is not possible, is there a way that the interviewer can "lock" the interviewee out of the meeting temporarily to consult with the other members of the meeting, and then re-enter the interview with the interviewee?
3) Is it possible to record only the interviewee and the interviewer, and not the remaining participants?

A. Once the 2 members are into the session the Host can lock the video of the attendee:

The other tip will be to select the video layout, pick the grid view, see the following screenshot:faq.pngIn this way, the interview will see both videos at the same time

The other option is to lock the meeting, and this will avoid that next person jump into the session

The recorder option is at the bottom of the meeting, and you can save the recording in your computer or cloud. This selection can be made on the meeting menu

Q. When recording, is there any way to record what the Host sees? We need the recording to be of two participants, regardless of who is talking. Currently, the recorded video either shows the only one pinned participant, or it bounces back and forth between whoever is talking.
Ideally, we need it to record the two participants concurrently.

A. When you record a Webex Meeting, the final recording will allow you to see the participants list, video (in case participants active it), and what is presented during the session.

If you are not presenting during the Webex meeting, it will only show who is talking at the moment.
For more information on how to record and access to the recordings, please take a look at the following article:

Recording will cover all the content shared by Host.

I did a test and sending a video from 2 participants recording covers both at the same time. You can choose how can keep both participants into the same screen in site admin >Common Settings > active speaker 

Also review the following link to customize your recording:

Q. We use WebEx as our conferencing tool at our college. I have a theater instructor that would like to have groups of students perform via Webex. She would like to have 6 students onscreen at the same time while the other students watch. She only wants the 6 students who are performing to be seen on the screen, with the rest of the screens not showing during the performance. Can this be done via WebEx? 

A. This sounds like a useful feature, I'll raise an enhancement request for it.Now, the host can manually stop the video of the participants, (on the participant list, right-click on the participant name, and click on 'Stop video'), so this could be done manually, however they can manually start their video again, currently there is no way to block some participants video and enable just a few of them.

You can also select what participants you want to 'lock' the video from.

Service Providers

Q. I am into a project that needs to use a complaint and response mechanism in a low Internet network setting. I want a Cisco system or application that can integrate an SMS to email or web services, or can WebEx take care of this?

A. Webex can send emails to invite someone, but it does not send SMS by default. However, there are 3rd party services that can transform email-to-SMS and vice-versa. Please note that Webex has not been tested with any of those.

I google it and found this:

Now regarding the Web services integration, there is some integration already available for Webex, see:

Now, basically, anything not on that doc would be considered a custom integration, and you may create your own customized integration using the REST API or XML API, here is the developer site for Webex, and the API specific sites:

main developer site



*** NOTE: Please notice the Cisco TAC does NOT support any custom integrations, in order to get support for your custom integration you require a developer support contract, or you may post a question on the main developer site ***


Q. The Cisco Webex Meeting server is installed and configured. All connections are normal, but clients with iOS (iPhone) cannot connect to the server from the internal network - error 100200. At the same time, everything is fine from the external network. What could be the reason?

A. You might be hitting CSCvj93519 ( ). This is usually fixed by uninstalling the app and installing the latest version from the app store. You can also use the work-around and increase the timer on web browser expiration.

Q. We are having a lot of issues when sharing the desktop; the participant only sees a blank screen. It seems to mainly form mac laptops that it is happening from.

A. What is the Site you are having trouble with? Do you have another site on which people can share with no issues? What is the Mac OS version people having trouble to share are using?  What is the Webex Desktop App version people having trouble are using?

We had the same issue for Mac users - one fix to try is to go to

Mac System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy Tab:and then I think there's an option for "Screen Recording", and make sure WebEx Meetings (and/or Teams?) is granted permission.

There are other fixes to try here:

Q. When I finish a Webex meeting and close the application, I get this error message.  Could you please kindly advise why and what I should do? Many thanks.Bug.jpg

A. You are currently hitting the following defect:

In order to fix this please uninstall the desktop app and re-install the latest version. This defect is fixed on desktop app 40.1

There is also a removal tool:

Related Information

Audio settings

Virtual Classes