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Considerations when picking an SMTP domain for Unity Connection 8.5.1


Some customers want to put their Unity Connection server into the same SMTP domain as their Exchange server. However certain things will not work if this is done with Single Inbox.


1.      1.  If you want to use Viewmail for Outlook this will have issues when attempting to Forward or Reply to messages

2.      2.  You will likely not be able to route messages between nodes in a Digital network.

3.      3.  Relaying of messages may not work properly.

4.      4.  NDR’s to connection messages may get lost.

5.      5.  SpeechView will not have a valid SMTP address to route to the Unity Connection server

         6.  Other issues could exist that are not mentioned here



It is recommended for full functionality put the Unity Connection into a different SMTP domain from the Exchange server that needs to be communicated with.



Doc Defect to have documentation improved to give customer's better guidance in choosing an SMTP domain:


Unfortunately if the SMTP Address of the Voicemail users are different to their Corporate Email Address, the Single Inbox user experience appears less than optimal.  As the SMTP Address of the voicemail sender does not match their Active Directory record in the Outlook Address Book, important features such as Presence and Click-to-Call are not available.

If Cisco Unity Connection were to send the voicemail using different From and Reply-To addresses to Single Inbox users, would this possibly resolve this issue?

i.e. From "Corporate Email Address", Reply To "Voicemail SMTP Address"


Agree with Ben. For those of you like me that did not see this and tried it anyway here are some of the errors I saw. Hopefully they will make this post more findable as I did a search and did not find it.

On the Unified Accounts Messaging Status page:

Currently, this user does not have an SMTP proxy address that matches the Exchange email address that you specified in the Account Information section. We recommend that you add an SMTP proxy address so SMTP messages sent to the Connection server and addressed to the Exchange email address can be routed to the corresponding Connection user.

And when trying to add an SMTP Proxy Address tot he user:

SMTP address email is already configured on this object


I have the same issue as Ben and Jared. Lotus Notes adds the Unity sending address to the "recent contacts" in the address book.  This causes issues when composing an email to people that left you a voicemail. now has an address book entry for When you compose a messag to Bob, the wrong entry sometimes populates.

This is an annoyance preventing us from deploying this to our users. We need an option remove the unityserver name. Thanks


Following Brian issue

we had multi-domain in the coorporates email address

both had as a STMP reply to: address

being a nightmare, a week before release to end users...



This is an fyi for this issue... thanks to a colleague, we saw that this same SMTP domain will affect the VMO and SSO not to auto-generate the credentials for users (for silent installs).


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