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Approved SFTP Servers

From: DRS Admin Guide (for CUCM 6.0)

To back up data to a remote device on the network, you must have an SFTP server configured. The following SFTP servers are supported and recommended, but you may use any SFTP server:


Login to DRS (Disaster Recovery System)

Access the DRS (Disaster Recovery System) administration with the following URL (note the URL is drf):

  • http: //<cucm_publisher>/drf

Use the DNS name or IP address of the CUCM Publisher in place of <cucm_publisher>. You can also navigate to this from the CCMAdmin pages.

Login with your OS Administration credentials (same credentials that work on SSH session to the CUCM server).


Backups and Archives

The DRS shows a maximum of appears to be limited to 14 backups per backup device. The DRS system (if like BARS) should remove the older versions on the backup server to avoid backup failure due to hard disk exhaust (a good thing to avoid).

Here is a sample schedule keeping daily and monthly logs in different folders.

  • Monthly: End of Month @ 2:00am @ /monthly folder - 12 kept by DRS
  • Daily: Tuesday -> Saturday @ 12:30am @ /daily folder (backup) - 10 kept by DRS



Successful Manual Backup

This screenshot shows what a successful backup screen looks like: Drs61-success.jpg



DRS Tar Files

Here is what our SFTP server directory looked like after the DRS Manual Backup.

09/11/2008  01:21 PM            22,813 2008-09-11-13-11-46_drfComponent.xml
09/11/2008  01:20 PM           860,160 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_bat.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM        29,931,520 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_ccmdb.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM         1,443,840 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_ccmprefs.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_cdpagt.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_clm.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM        16,558,080 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_moh.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            40,960 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_platform.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_syslogagt.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_tct.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM        98,193,579 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-01_ccm_tftp.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM         1,443,840 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_ccmprefs.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_cdpagt.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_clm.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM        16,558,080 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_moh.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            40,960 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_platform.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_syslogagt.tar
09/11/2008  01:20 PM            10,240 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_tct.tar
09/11/2008  01:21 PM        98,192,671 2008-09-11-13-11-46_rosalpha-ccm-02_ccm_tftp.tar
09/11/2008  01:33 PM    <DIR>          daily
09/11/2008  01:33 PM    <DIR>          monthly
              19 File(s)    263,368,423 bytes

Test Restore Procedures

  • Be sure to test your Restore procedure with your NOC staff periodically. You should be able to take cold iron (aka correct server variant, should not need to match the source of the DRS archive) and load up a CUCM server without bumble time (looking for disks, licenses, parameters, how-to).
  • Document your software versions correctly. Be sure you have disks on hand that match the build of the production server.
  • Be sure to keep good media in a safe spot for any task that requires CD-ROM or DVD (install disks). If using .iso images on a fileshare, validate burn procedure and requirements to create good media.