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CUIC - UCCX Stored Procedure List (Pulled from V11.5)

Report Stored Procedure
Abandoned Call Detail Activity sp_abandoned_calls_activity
Aborted Rejected Call Detail sp_aborted_rejected_call_detail
Agent All Fields sp_agent_all_fields
Agent Call Summary sp_agent_call_summary
Agent Detail sp_agent_detail
Agent Login Logout Activity sp_agent_log_activity
Agent Not Ready Reason Code Summary sp_agent_not_ready_reason_code_interval
Agent State Detail sp_agent_state_detail
Agent State Summary by Agent sp_agent_state_interval
Agent State Summary by Interval sp_agent_state_interval
Agent Summary Report sp_agent_summary
Agent Wrap Up Data Summary sp_agent_wrapup_summary
Agent Wrap-Up Data Detail sp_agent_wrapup_detail
Call Custom Variables sp_custom_variable
Called Number Summary Activity sp_called_number_summary_activity
Common Skill CSQ Activity sp_common_skill_csq_interval
Contact Service Queue Activity by CSQ sp_csq_interval
Contact Service Queue Activity by Window Duration sp_csq_interval2
Contact Service Queue Activity sp_csq_activity
Contact Service Queue Activity by Interval sp_csq_interval
Contact Service Queue Call Distribution Summary sp_csq_call_distribution
Contact Service Queue Service Priority Summary sp_csq_priority_summary
Contact Service Queue Service Level Priority Summary sp_csq_service_level_priority
CSQ Agent Summary sp_csq_agent_summary
CSQ All Feilds Report sp_csq_all_fields
Detailed Call by Call CCDR sp_ccdr
Detailed Call CSQ Agent sp_call_csq_agent
Priority Summary Activity Report sp_priority_summary
Reason Code Report by Agent Grouping sp_reasoncode_agent_grouping
Reason Code Report by Reason Code Grouping sp_reasoncode_reason_grouping
Traffic Analysis sp_ivr_traffic_analysis_cuic

Hello Joey,


do you have the list of parameters that these SP take?



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