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CUMA client with Client Configuration SOAP interface of CUP denied login







This document describes the login issue of CUMA client which uses client configuration SOAP interface.





CUMA client which uses the Client Configuration SOAP interface of CUP is denied login.





This condition occurs after a fresh install or upgrade to Cisco Unified Presence Release 8.6.1.




Steps to resolve the error



During a maintenance widow, the Cisco Unified Presence Administrator must run the following commands from the command line interface of the publisher node:



run sql update soapclienttypes set versioncheckrequired='f' where clienttype='CUMCCLIENT'



To restart service on all nodes in the cluster including the publisher node, enter the following command:



utils service restart Cisco UP Client Profile Agent



Newly added users cannot login over soap following DB restart



Users who were newly assigned to the system, or who were assigned to a new node cannot login via CUPC.



On attempting to assign the user, an error shows in the EPASSoapxxxx.log file like:-



2010-01-19 12:00:08,638 FATAL [Thread-176] soap.TTLoginDbMgr - PrepareStatement failed

2010-01-19 12:00:08,638 FATAL [Thread-176] soap.TTLoginDbMgr - java.sql.SQLException: System or internal error java.sql.SQLException: System or internal error Broken pipe


The service "A Cisco DB" was restarted, without the service "Cisco UP Client Profile Agent" being restarted.



Workaround for this issue


Restarting the "Cisco UP Client Profile Agent" should fix the problem. As most of the CUP services rely on the Database, it is not advisable to restart the "A Cisco DB" service. If the DB needs to be restarted, it is best to restart the entire server.



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