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CUPC 7.1.1 with 9971




    Q. If 9971 phones are not working with CUPC 7.1.1, what all permissions are to be configure?



    The Cisco Unified IP Phones 8961, 9951, and 9971 introduce call capabilities that generate JTAPI events that must be handled by applications that monitor the phone through CTI. These call features allow the user to cancel an in-progress transfer or conference, or to perform a join or direct transfer of calls across the same or different lines. If the monitoring applications have not been upgraded to versions that properly handle these events,unexpected application behavior could result, including applications that no longer have their view of the phone or call state in sync with the phone itself. Therefore, by default, all applications are restricted from monitoring or controlling these phones.For applications that have been upgraded to properly handle these new events or for applications that have verified that they are not impacted by these events, the administrator may enable the newly defined role of Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf in the application or end-user configuration associated with the application. Only after this role has been enabled can the application monitor or control these phones.So,verify that the end user has the following Permissions configured


    • Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf
    • Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode
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