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    Configure CUPC (Cisco Unified Personal Communicator) Devices & Users


    This page should provide a quick path to adding CUPC Devices and Users.







    Configure CUPC Phones



    CCMAdmin > Device > Phone > Add New


    Phone Type = Cisco Unified Personal Communicator



    From: CUPC 1.2 Install Guide


    In the Device Name field, specify the soft-phone device name according to these guidelines:


    • It must match the user name.
    • It must start with UPC.
    • It must contain the uppercase letters A through Z and numerals 0 through 9, ignoring all other characters.
    • It can contain 12 additional characters after UPC.


    Examples: Username > CUPC Device Name


    • jjackson > UPCJJACKSON
    • johnnie_jackson > UPCJOHNNIEJACKS
    • johnniejackson > UPCJOHNNIEJACKS
    • john.jackson > UPCJOHNJACKSON


    Setup new CUPC Phone - Details Part 1



    Setup new CUPC Phone - Details Part 2



    Setup new CUPC Phone - Add Directory Number (line)


    Setup new CUPC Phone - Add Directory Number - Details


    Create/Configure User in CUCM


    User Management > End User > Add




    • Associate Phones to User.


    • Once the user is initially saved, the form fields will be available to associate their devices.


    • Don't forget to ALSO save the device associations.


    • A Primary Extension must be configured for each CUPC User for the CUPC client to show a "Soft Phone Server).


    • Associate Devices like desk phones) with user for CTI support.


    Define User Roles (optional)



    Use this to allow the CUPC client to control the deskphone (CTI Enabled) and provide access to the CCM Users page (CCM End Users).

    CCMUser and CTI are both features the user should have to use the full feature set.


    • Assign End Users to Standard CCM End Users (User Mgmt > User Group)


    • Assign End Users to Standard CTI Enabled (User Mgmt > User Group)


    Associate User with Line



    CUP 6.0 uses User Associated with Line to determine presence status.


    Devices > Phones > Find Phone > Edit DN > Associate User with Line (at bottom)Cupcuseraddlineassoc.jpg

    Assign CUP Capabilities to the End User



    CCMadmin > System > Licensing > Capabilities Assignment


    Find User > Check Enable CUP & Enable CUPS > Save


    CUP User Configuration



    Login to CCMadmin on Cisco Unified Presence Server.


    Check User Status on CUP (Presence) Server



    Check User Status at:

    System > Status


    Configure User Settings on CUP (Presence) Server


    From CUP Admin

    Application > Cisco Unified Personal Communicator > User Settings > Find User

    Configure Application Profile (specifically configure SIP Proxy Profile for Soft Phone Service).




    Unity Connection Configuration for CUPC




    • get to Unity User page at http://<ip-name-VMServer>/ciscopca (personal communications assistant).


    Unity Server Setup



    • CUPC client seems login is against the CallManager Publisher.


    • CUPC Client configures a Unity Account in preferences.

    Configure the Web Application User on UnityCupcvmcreds.jpg












    Configure CUP Unity Profile and Assign to Users



    Configured on Cisco Unified Presence Server

    Validate Server Status on CUPC Client









    Configuring Instant (SIP) Messaging



    This section is next to get developed. Focus so far has been on getting the Softphone online. In the previous screen shots, the CSS for Presence subscriptions is NOT being configured. Need to capture the howto of presence CSS configuration.


    We have learned that presence depends on proper LDAP configuration within messenger service to support contacts. More to come....

    Need to get the User SIP ID and the IM Presence integrated, then add in Hard Phones. blah blah


    IP Phone Messenger Service



    Back on CallManager Admin

    • Subscribe Desk Phones to new "Phone Messenger" Service


    Devices > Phones > Find Phone > Related Links > Subscribe Services


    • Associate user with Lines


    This is a feature for non-CUPC phones that Messaging can be extended to. CUPC SIP phones have a SIP IM client integrated and do not use the IP Phone

    Messenger web service.

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