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CUPS Exchange EWS Integration Script Automation


I threw together a PowerShell script which we can distribute to anyone looking to automate the configuration of Microsoft Exchange EWS as it relates to the CUP integration.  It will configure all the Exchange permissions needed for a successful CUP Exchange Calendaring integration for you.

This script has been passed to mainline development, with the hope of integrating it into the CUP product itself.  For now, you can access it in the attachments to this discussion.  There is a brief (6 minute) recording of the script here:

This is a 1.0 script supported by myself for the time being.  If you have any comments or questions, please direct them to this discussion post.


Hi Scott

Thanks for posting this very helpful and timely script for integrating CUP to Exchange. In our planning for this integration, we have encountered a few areas of the Integration guide that are a little less than clear:

1) How is the impersonation service account password stored in the CUP database? I'd assume our enterprise is similar to most in that Voice Engineering does not manage Exchange. As such, the service account will be owned by the Exchange team and they would like reassurance that the password cannot be compromised. The integration guide does not provide any details around this concern.

2) Page 68 of the deployment guide calls out a caveat called "Calendaring State Does Not Update if a User Moves between Exchange servers". Does this apply to both WebDAV and EWS? If this does impact EWS, the proposed solution doesn't really scale and will be operationally challenging as there is no alignment of users between CUCM Cluster and Exchange mailbox servers.

Thanks for your time



#1 -> The password is stored in the Informix Database (table pebackendgateway) using a


hash.  Since it is not stored in clear text it would be difficult to compromise that password.

#2 ->  The CUP administrator or end user must disabled and enable the exchange integration after the mailbox move has been completed.  This is noted in the integration guide.




Hi Michael

Thanks for the info. Question on the second response (your link is exactly what we were referencing), is that caveat applicable to both EWS and WebDAV integrations? The big problem we see is that there is very little alignment between the CUP and Exchange teams, i.e. the voice team would not have any indication that a user is being moved between mail box servers and if this is being done en masse how could the CUP administrator possible manage resetting the integration?



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