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CUPS - Information you should include when opening any CUPS or IM and Presence TAC case.

Cisco Employee

The  purpose of this blog post is to give our Unity Connection customers the  ability to increase the efficiency in which their cases are handled by  empowering them with the information TAC finds the most useful at the  start of any investigation regarding the Cisco Unified Presence Server or IM and Presence Server products. I am  providing this as a means to spread this info so time isn't wasted  asking for it upon new case creation and to speed the overall issue  resolution time. With this in mind, I would recommend that customers and  partners include any of this information and include it in any new case  creation.

Please  include any of the following information that you can. Obviously, the  more you can provide at the beginning, the better the case will start.  Trust me, your TAC engineer will be forever greatful to have this  information before they even grab the case.

What version of CUPS or IM and Presence server do you have?

Is your CUPS/IM and Presence a cluster (how many nodes)?

What version of Call Manager is integrated/associated?

What versions of CUPC or Jabber clients are involved?

Which version of Jabber (Windows, MAC, Iphone, IPAD, etc)?

What has changed that may have caused the issue?

What is the severity of impact this problem is having on your business?

To  get the full version needed in the first question, go to the CUPS or IM and Presence Administration Page and you will see the full version under  the page Title after login. It will be under "Cisco Unified CM IM and Presence Administration" or "Cisco Unified Presence Server" and should have a  format similar to this "Version" and you can also go to Help > About on the main page to get this info.

Also,  the more detailed you make the issue heading on your case or you  provide the CIN agent, the better off you will be. Please try not to  open a case with "Cisco Unity" or "Unity help" or anything similarly  vague. A better example of a detailed subject description would be  something similar to this:

CUPS 9.1.1 ESxx.xxxxx-xx with CUCM 9.1 ESxx.xxxx-xx and Jabber/CUPC 9.2.3 install issues.


CUPS 9.1.1 ESxx.xxxxx-xx with CUCM 9.1 LDAP users will not authenticate.


CUPS 9.1.1 ESxx.xxxxx-xx with CUCM 9.1 and Jabber for IPAD 9.2.3 contacts show offline when they are online.

Please do this regardless of opening the case online or through our 800 number so that we already know some details when the case comes into our centers.

Case titles that are not helpful:





Jabber doesn't work


CUPS will not install

These are too general for titles. Please use more specific titles like the examples I used earlier in the article.

If  you consider yourself a power user and know a thing or two about the  issue and have traces of the issue already, please zip them up and  include them as well. If you believe you are hitting a bug that you have  verified via bug toolkit, please include the bug id.

If  you just take the time to provide as much of this information as  possible from the beginning, you will find that the TAC engineer will  have a greater ability to jump in more directly and engage the issue.  This helps the TAC engineer and ultimately you, our partners and end  customers.

I hope you find this helpful and it allows you to solve issues faster.

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