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Customers are Tech Savvy, Mobile and Social: Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Service/Support


You have a vision of offering the kind of service and support that creates customer satisfaction and loyalty while contributing to the top and bottom line of your business.  You want your customers to engage with your contact center via their channel of choice, and you know that successful customer engagements must be seamless and consistent.  And you need technology to enable it all.  Simple, Right?  If you answered ‘not really’ you aren’t alone.

Join Frost & Sullivan, Cisco and Upstream Works as we discuss how to lay the foundation for successful innovation in customer experience management including:

  • Developing an integrated design of the customer experience
  • The benefits of eliminating silos of service
  • Why technology should be considered as part of the ‘Vision’
  • How Business & I.T. can effectively collaborate to prepare a business case to secure funding for customer experience strategy initiatives

World class service organizations are investing in open and agile systems and tools to execute and deliver consistent, high quality service and are finding ways to attract and keep high performing employees to support their customer experience strategy. Join Frost & Sullivan and a panel of experts for a complimentary eBroadcast, as we present and discuss how to realize the full potential and returns of great customer service.

Click here to view this Frost & Sullivan eBroadcast on demand.

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