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Default Extension Mobility PIN




Possibly a question for the SQL query super gurus among you but I've been asked if it is possible to list all of the end users that are still using the default extension mobility PIN. I.E the PIN  that would have been set when their accounts were first created. We are using CUCM 11.5 and our user accounts are LDAP provisioned..


Don't get me wrong - I don't need or want to know what the PINS are, just who hasn't bothered to change their PIN from the default (we advise people that they should change them but don't enforce it). 


I have found that if I CUCM  Admin - Bulk Administration - Users - Export Users and set the output file to "All User Format" the resultant file does have a column labeled "PIN" which does appear to contain a hash of the PIN set against each user account.


Is it reasonable to assume that where the value is identical, as it is on 1276 of accounts listed, that they are using the same and probably the default PIN?


As ever, any help is appreciated


Thanks and regards



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Any thoughts anyone.


I have tried setting my PIN back to the default and then re-doing the export. The hash in the PIN field was different which kind of torpedo's my theory :-(

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