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DSP Resetting after Alarms and Call Drops




Problem Description

DSP resetting and Call Drops after the DSP Alarm received on 2921 voice gateway with PSTN E1/T1 Interface card and PVDM Modules .


This document provides the information about the DSP Alarm and the Work around for the problem.


DSP Alarm


%DSPRM-3-DSPALARM: Received alarm indication from dsp (0/1). Resetting the DSP.
%DSPRM-3-DSPALARMINFO: 002A 0000 0080 0000 0008 0008 5761 7463 6844 6F67 2054 696D 656F 7574 2C20 5043 3D30 3030 6539 3663 3400 4E5F 0000 0000 0000
%DSPRM-3-DSPALARMINFO: WatchDog Timeout, PC=000e96c4


DSP trace buffer dump for DSP 0/1
DSP version: 26.3.8
Trace buffer size: 1392 bytes
===== Begining of DSP tracebuffer dump=====
DSPTB0:00058DD0 00057945 00057944 00057ADB 00057AC6 0014542D 00145428



Hardware : Cisco 2921 router running C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.0(1)M4.

The PSTN interface card is VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 and PVDM3 DSP DIMM with 32 channels on slot 0


Bug Details


CSCtj71414 Bug Details



dsp crash in ecan when max tail delay configue in 32ms

Symptom: dsp crash

Conditions: when max tali lehgth of ecan is configure smaller than 80 ms.

Workaround: use default value as 128ms.





Work around


Use default value as 128ms


Change all the Voice-ports and have echo-cancel coverage configured to 128 (default value)


Configuration :


voice-port 0/2/0:15
echo-cancel coverage 128



This document was generated from the following thread: DSP resetting after alarms - Calls Dropped




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