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Emergency Responder does not show the switch port details of a configured switch


Core Issue

These are the likely causes for this problem:

  • Unreachable through IP
  • Unreachable through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • The switch model or Operating System is unsupported for Cisco Emergency Responder


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. If you add a supported switch to Cisco Emergency Responder and run phone tracking on the switch after adding it, you should be able to view the list of 10 and 100 Ethernet ports on the switch.
  2. If Cisco Emergency Responder does not list the ports, check the SNMP settings in Cisco Emergency Responder for the switch. For more information, refer to the Configuring the SNMP Connection section of Configuring Emergency Responder.
  3. Verify that the switch is reachable over the network.
  4. Retry the selective phone tracking process on the switch.
  5. Click Locate Switch Ports when viewing the switch details. For more information, refer to the LAN Switch Details section of Emergency Responder Administration Page Reference.
  6. If the problem persists, make sure the switch is supported. For more information, refer to the Network Hardware and Software Requirements section of Planning for Emergency Responder.
  7. Check the Windows Event Viewer for error messages.

For more information about resolving Cisco Emergency Responder, refer to these documents:

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