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Emerging Technology 1/3: Very Soon Going to Redefine Business Best Practices


HOW Emerging Technology is Very Soon Going to Redefine Business Best Practices:

Truly seamless, one-to-one customer journey mapping has been the theoretical goal of customer service in contact center industry for quite a while now. Developments in technology are now making it increasingly realistic to provide this kind of service by utilizing technologies like Cisco’s Context Services, Salesforce’s Einstein, and IoT enabled devices like Cisco’s Jasper.

Redefining Customer Journey 1-3.PNG

By tracking every part of a customer’s interaction with a business, and having that information at agents’ fingertips, it becomes possible not only to provide virtually perfect customer service, but also to anticipate customers’ practical needs, and even their desires. This means streamlined interactions with customers. It means that when customers need, want, or even might want further services, businesses will be able to anticipate and provide for those needs. It means that before customers even know they are ready for or interested in making purchases, businesses can make those purchase opportunities known so that customers can edify their desires and businesses can drive profits.

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