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Ends requires means

Cisco Employee

videobenefits.pngBusiness models are changing as customers’ expectations evolve. You know it and I know it.  More and more people are expecting IT to “just work”. They don’t understand or care about the complexity of the network routing, security, compliance, data governance, access control, and bandwidth constraints. The game is underway, and the end is always just over the horizon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to focus on “collaboration” as a customer. It is about results, positioning my workforce, and workplace models to be able to capitalize on opportunities. Stating the obvious... I am doing that, but that is because we can so easily be blinded by the brilliant toolsets.. from Quad, to WebEx and of course, my personal favorite.. any flavor from pervasive, to immersive... We can end up focused on the tools, when we need to focus on what the tools allow us to do.

If you aren’t embracing tools like these to position your company for the future what are you embracing? 

The intersection of the consumer tech space and the corporate workforce presents amazing challenges and opportunities for technology enabled businesses. You can connect your workforce and your customers in unprecedented ways, but utilizing a structured, architecturally grounded, service based approach is critical to future success. The days of operators switching and routing calls are long gone. Even static html pages and the traditional “internet” terminology has been replaced with every flavor of 2.0/3.0 service cloud labeling. You cannot afford to become obsolete as the world changes at a blazing pace around you.

You want to succeed. We want to succeed.  We are all looking for an end-state that we can plan for and execute to support. This planning requires tools, perspectives, and processes. People must be empowered, inspired and their outputs must be channeled and focused. Discipline, innovation, and creativity along with customer relevancy, results, and revenue will rule...

Another name might be... collaboration?

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